Releases – Nieuw & Verwacht

  • Southern Avenue - Keep On
  • Ellis Mano Band - Here And Now
  • Catfish - Burning Bridges
  • Albert Castiglia - Masterpiece
  • The Cash Box Kings - Hail To The Kings!
  • Kai Strauss & The Electric Blues All Stars - Live In Concert
  • The Tallest Man On Earth - I Love You. It`s A Fever Dream.
  • 7 Miles To Pittsburgh - Revolution On Hold
  • Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band Kondigt Nieuw Album The Traveler Aan!
  • John Fairhurst - The Divided Kingdom
  • Julian Sas - Stand Your Ground
  • Robert Randolph Brighter Days
    Robert Randolph & The Family Band - Brighter Days
  • Terry Robb - Confessin’ My Dues
  • Norah Jones - Begin Again
  • Paul Gilbert - Behold Electric Guitar
  • Julian James - Silver Spade
  • Matt Perriment - Memos (EP)
  • Mavis Staples - We Get By
    Mavis Staples - We Get By
  • Jon Bryant - Cult Classic
  • Jeffrey Halford And The Healers - West Towards South
  • Snowy White And The White Flames - The Situation
  • rolling stones honk
    The Rolling Stones - HONK!
  • Erja Lyytinen - Another World
    Erja Lyytinen - Another World
  • Steve Earle - Guy
    Steve Earle - GUY
  • Bob Corritore & Friends - Do The Hip-Shake Baby!
  • JD SIMO : Debut Solo Album 'Off At 11' and UK/ Netherlands Tour March 2019
    Jimmie Vaughan - Baby, Please Come Home
  • Stray Cats 40
    Rock & roll legends THE STRAY CATS are back with a new album "40"
  • Luther Dickinson And Sisters Of The Strawberry Moon - Solstice
    Luther Dickinson And Sisters Of The Strawberry Moon - Solstice
  • Josh Ritter - Fever Breaks

CD / LP Release Overzicht 2019 – Blues Muziek … En Meer!

Mei 2019

Jimmie Vaughan – Baby, Please Come Home (info)
The Stray Cats – 40 (info)
Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul – Summer Of Sorcery
Bob Corritore & Friends – Do The Hip-Shake Baby! (info)
Jon Bryant – Cult Classic (info)
Paul Gilbert – Behold Electric Guitar (info)
Terry Robb – Confessin’ My Dues (info)
The Cash Box Kings – Hail to the Kings (info)
Albert Castiglia – Masterpiece (info)
Catfish – Burning Bridges (info)
Ellis Mano Band – Here And Now (info)
Southern Avenue – Keep On (info)

April 2019

JJ Cale – Stay Around
Erja Lyytinen – Another World (info)
George Benson – Walking To New Orleans (info)
Glen Hansard – This Wild Willing (info)
Dawn Brothers – Next Of Kin (recensie)
Rick Vito – Soulshaker (info) (recensie)
Shane Dwight – No One Loves Me Better (info)
Eli “Paperboy” Reed – 99 Cent Dreams (info)
Big Daddy Wilson – Deep in my Soul (info)
Josh Ritter – Fever Breaks (info)
Snowy White And The White Flames – The Situation (info)
Jeffrey Halford And The Healers – West Towards South (info)
Julian James – Silver Spade (info)
Norah Jones – Begin Again (info)
Kristina Stykos – River Of Light (recensie)
Datura4 – Blessed Is The Boogie (recensie)
Julian Sas – Stand Your Ground (info) (recensie)
Kai Strauss & The Electric Blues All Stars – Live in Concert (info) (recensie)
John Paul White – The Hurting Kind (recensie)
Danni Nicholls – The Melted Morning (recensie)
Daniel Norgren – Wooh Dang (recensie)
The Rolling Stones – Honk (recensie)
Marianne Faithfull – Dangerous Acquaintances (recensie)

Maart 2019

JD Simo – Off At 11 (info)
Steve Earle – Guy ( info) (recensie)
Luther Dickinson And Sisters Of The Strawberry Moon – Solstice (info)
Van Morrison – The Healing Game (Deluxe Edition) (info)(recensie)
Leo Bud Welch – The Angels in Heaven Done Signed My Name (info) (recensie)
Gary Clark Jr. – This Land (info) (recensie)
Robin Trower – Coming Closer To The Day (info) (recensie)
Reese Wynans – Sweet Release (feat. Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Doyle Bramhall II, Keb’ Mo’, Warren Haynes, Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon, and many more!) (info) (recensie)
Gary Hoey – Neon Highway Blues (info)
Jarrod Dickenson – Under A Texas Sky (info) (recensie)
Keith Richards – Talk Is Cheap (30th Anniversary Remastered Edition Box Set) (info) (recensie)
Nick Waterhouse – Nick Waterhouse (recensie)
Amber Cross – Savage On The Downhill (info) (recensie)
Andreas Diehlmann Band – Live 2019 (info) (recensie)
Elles Bailey – Road I call Home (info) (recensie)
Bonnie Tyler – Between The Earth And The Stars (info)
Joost de Lange Band – Lonesome Wolf (recensie)
Point Quiet – Walking In The Wild (info) (recensie)
Francis Rossi & Hannah Rickard – We Talk Too Much (info) (recensie)
The Lachy Doley Group – Make Or Break (info) (recensie)
Nick Schnebelen – Crazy All By Myself (recensie)
Tom Russell – October In The Railroad Earth (recensie)
Robbert Duijf – Going Home (recensie)
Alexis Evans – I`ve Come A Long Way (recensie)
Mdou Moctar – Ilana The Creator (recensie)
Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith & The House Bumpers – Drop The Hammer (recensie)
Amanda Palmer – There Will Be No Intermission (recensie)
Pistol Pete Wearn – Live At Liège (recensie)
Ally Venable – Texas Honey (recensie)
Nomden – Wingman Returns (recensie)
Tom Petty – And The Heartbreakers – The Best of Everything (recensie)
The Limboos – Baia (recensie)
Stef Paglia – Never Forget (recensie)
Danny Schmidt – Standard Deviation (recensie)
Elvis – Made In Germany: The Complete Private Recordings (recensie)
The Cactus Blossoms – Easy Way (recensie)
Brandon Santini – The Longshot (recensie)
Finn Andrews – One Piece At A Time (recensie)
Yngwie Malmsteen – Blue Lightning (recensie)
Paul Weller – Other Aspects (recensie)
Townes Van Zandt – Sky Blue (recensie)
Gary Hoey – Neon Highway Blues (recensie)
Budda Power Blues – Fifteen Long Years (recensie)
Dinah Washington – Blues Soul Ballads (recensie)
Hozier – Wasteland, Baby! (recensie)
Little Jimmy – Blues Rebel (recensie)
Black Tropics – Black Tropics (recensie)
Guy Verlinde – All is Forgiven (recensie)
Ralph de Jongh – Quantum (recensie)
Matt Andersen – Halfway Home By Morning (recensie)
Bonita & The Blues Shacks – Sweet Thing (recensie)
Joni 75 – A Birthday Celebration (recensie)
Brioles – I Wanna Go Home (recensie)
Tom Cochrane – Tom Cochrane Revisited (recensie)
Rev. Sekou – When We Fight We Win – Live In Memphis (recensie)
Dennis Brennan And The White Owls – Live At Electric Andyland (recensie)
No Man’s Valley – Outside The Dream (recensie)
Over The Rhine – Love & Revelation (recensie)
In These Murky Waters – In These Murky Waters (recensie)
Quaker City Night Hawks – QCNH (recensie)

Februari 2019

Tedeschi Trucks Band – Signs (info) (recensie)
Robert Ellis – Texas Piano Man
Eric Gales – The Bookends (info)(recensie)
Dry Riverbed Trio – Chained and Bound (info) (recensie)
Mercy John – Let It Go Easy (recensie)
Wille & The Bandits – Paths (recensie)
Black Cat Biscuit – That’s How The Cookie Crumbles (recensie)
Kate Fenner – Middle Voice (info) (recensie)
Suzanne Jarvie – In The Clear (info) (recensie)
RUV – U (info) (recensie)
Eriksson Delcroix – The Riverside Hotel (info) (recensie)
Mercy John – Let It Go Easy (recensie)
Barrelhouse – 45 Years On The Road 1974 – 2019 (recensie)
Tommy Castro and The Painkillers – Killin’ It Live (recensie)
The Piaggio Soul Combination – This Is The Piaggio Soul Combination (recensie)
John Mayall – Nobody Told Me (recensie)
Reef – In Motion – Live From Hammersmith (recensie)
Jon Fratelli – Bright Night Flowers (recensie)
Aaron Buchanan And The Cult Classics – The Man With Stars On His Knees (recensie)
Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra – Soul Of My City (recensie)
R.L. Burnside – Long Distance Call: Europe 1982 (recensie)
Leo Koster – Sings Gene Clark – Full Album (recensie)
Tiny Legs Tim – Elsewhere Bound (recensie)
Mandolin Orange – Tides Of A Teardrop (recensie)
Humble Pie – Joint Effort (recensie)
The Cavemen – Low Life (recensie)
Black Bottle Riot – Fire (recensie)
Wicked Rumble – Blues Meets Metal (recensie)
Bjørn Berge – Who Else? (recensie)
Mavis Staples – Live in London (recensie)
Electric Mary – Mother (recensie)
The Gloaming – The Gloaming 3 (recensie)
Michael Jerome Browne – That’s Where It’s At! (recensie)
Robin Borneman – Folklore III: The Cradle Tree (recensie)
Jessica Pratt – Quiet Signs (recensie)
Atomic Road Kings – Clean Up The Blood (recensie)
Katarina Pejak – Roads That Cross (recensie)
Boo Boo Davis – Tree Man (recensie)
J.S. Ondara – Tales Of America (recensie)
Various Artists Gonna Make It Alone – Brexit Rockers (recensie)
Seth Walker – Are You Open ? (recensie)
Michael McDermott – Orphans (recensie)
Little Geneva – Live At The Factory (recensie)
Bad Temper Joe – The Maddest Of Them All (recensie)
Barbara Dennerlein – Best Of Blues: Through The Years (recensie)
Half Deaf Clatch – Short Songs For The Barely Conscious (recensie)
Electric Feel Good – Rock ‘n’ Roll And Other Deadly Sins (recensie)
Rosie Flores – Simple Case Of The Blues (recensie)
The Long Ryders – Psychedelic Country Soul (recensie)
Georgina Peach & The Savoys – I’m On My Way (recensie)
Tiny Ruins – Olympic Girls (recensie)
Gunshot Blue – Until The Last Prayer (recensie)
Matt Owens – Whiskey and Orchids (recensie)
Bloodest Saxophone – Texas Queens 5 (recensie)
Anthony Mills – Blue Collar Work Ethic (recensie)
Vegas Strip Kings – Jackpot (recensie)
Rick de Leeuw – Zonder Omweg (recensie)
Amy McCarley – MECO (recensie)
Jocelyn & Chris Arndt –The Fun In The Fight (recensie)
The Tightropes – On Fire! (recensie)
Kenny Parker – Hellfire (recensie)
Charles Tuberville – Somethin’ In The Water (recensie)
Brian McFadden – Otis (recensie)
Arlen Roth – Tele Masters (recensie)
Jeff McErlain – Now (featuring Robben Ford) (recensie)
Karin Krog & Georgie Fame – On A Misty Night (recensie)
3 Dayz Whizkey – Common Buzzard Blues (recensie)
Colin Linden & Luther Dickinson – Amour (recensie)
Ryan Bingham – American Love Song (recensie)
Michael van Merwyk – I Had A Hard Way To Go – Best Of…So Far! (recensie)
The Reverend Shawn Amos – Kitchen Table Blues Vol. 1 (recensie)
Fred Raspail – Radio Primitvo (recensie)
Michael Chapman – True North (recensie)

Januari 2019

Walter Trout – Survivor Blues (info) (recensie)
Santana – In Search Of Mona Lisa (info) (recensie)
Rival Sons – Feral Roots (info) (recensie)
Broken Sun – On
Eric Schenkman – Who Shot John? (info)
Kaz Murphy – Ride Out The Storm (recensie)
Joe Jackson – Fool (info) (recensie)
Phil Bee’s Freedom – HOME (recensie)
Ina Forsman – Been Meaning To Tell You (recensie)
Boogie Beasts – Deep (recensie)
Hat Fitz & Cara – Hand It Over (recensie)
The Kentucky Headhunters – Live At The Ramblin’ Man Fair (recensie)
Climax Blues Band – Hands Of Time (recensie)
Heart – Live In Atlantic City (recensie)
James Buddy Rogers – Everytime – Live (recensie)
Helen Rose – Trouble Holding Back (recensie)
Vin Mott – Rogue Hunter (recensie)
Skunk Anansie – 25 Live@25 (recensie)
Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Another Mimosa (recensie)
Paul Nelson – Over Under Through (recensie)
Screamin’ Rebel Angels – Heel Grinder (recensie)
William Tyler – Goes West (recensie)
The Steel Woods – Old News (recensie)
Charlene Soraia – Where’s My Tribe (recensie)
Blues Company – Ain’t Givin’ Up (recensie)
Willy Willy & The Voodoo Band – Vampire With A Tan (recensie)
The Savage Rose – Homeless (recensie)
Seth Rosenbloom – Keep On Turning (recensie)
Sarah McCoy – Blood Siren (recensie)
Benny Turner And Cash McCall – Going Back Home (recensie)
John Kilzer – Scars (recensie)
Leyla McCalla – The Capitalist Blues (recensie)
Susan Santos – No U Turn (recensie)
John J Presley – As The Night Draws In (recensie)
Whiskey Shivers – Smothered & Covered (recensie)
The Good, The Bad And The Blues – The Good, The Bad And The Blues (recensie)
Chase Walker Band – Live @ The Woodshed (recensie)
Thee Blind Crows – Death Awaits Us All (recensie)
The Flesh Eaters – I Used To Be Pretty (recensie)
Chris O’Leary – 7 Minutes Late (recensie)
Trapper Schoepp – Primetime Illusion (recensie)
Watermelon Slim – Church Of The Blues (recensie)
Eric Jerardi – Occupied (recensie)
Delta Revelry – Delta Revelry (recensie)
Blues Meets Girl – Blues Meets Girl (recensie)
Tommy Emmanuel & John Knowles – Heart Songs (recensie)
John Garcia And The Band Of Gold – John Garcia And The Band Of Gold (recensie)
The Woodland Hunters – The Thoughts Of Chairman Jim (recensie)
Jamie Thyer – Jamie Thyer Meets The Dominators.. At The Dyed Roots Of Blues Rock (recensie)
Haney’s Big House – Herding Cats (recensie)
Various Artists – American Boy (La Storia Di Un Ribelle Americano) (recensie)
Belly Hole Freak – Bump, Mirrors & Bounce (recensie)
The Trevor B. Power Band – Everyday Angel (recensie)
Steve Morgan And The Kingfish – That Ain’t Blues (recensie)
The John Bull Band – Memphis Money (recensie)
Brother Snakeoil And The Medicine Men – Cures All (recensie)
The Lunar Effect – Calm Before The Calm (recensie)
Remu & Hurriganes – Last Call – Live In Helsinki (recensie)
Cara Being Blue – Grit (recensie)
Blue Attitude – Blue Line (recensie)
Gaye Adegbalola – The Griot (recensie)
The Wandering Hearts – Wild Silence (Deluxe Edition) (recensie)
Chris Farlowe – Live At Rockpalast 2006 (recensie)
Rosie Carney – Bare (recensie)
The Woods – Stone Cold (recensie)
Katy Mitchell – Katy Sings The Blues (recensie)
The Delines – The Imperial (recensie)
Raw Blues Experience – Trailer Trash (recensie)
Jackson’s Cage – Live In Brooklet (recensie)
Alisoder – Pedregoso Way (recensie)
RvB – Jumpin’ & Humpin’ (recensie)
Vanderlinde – Entering The Circus (recensie)
Steve Gunn – The Unseen In Between (recensie)
NoN SaPiEnS –  Sounds From The Cellar (recensie)
The Belairs – Mr. Moto (recensie)
Dr. Maha’s Miracle Tonic – Boogie Mama (recensie)
Glen Clark – You Tell Me (recensie)

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