Foto Release: Kyle Culkin - Shotgun Ridge

With years of experience under his belt, Kyle Culkin is playing American roots music that projects a truthful authenticity from hard learned lessons of life on the road. He combines a fun and witty sense of humor with the struggles of life in every song. Culkin’s critically acclaimed albums include a mix of country, rock, folk and blues that put a new twist on an instantly familiar Americana sound. He never overplays his hand and uses taste, tone, and timing to season his lyrics with the right amount of flavor.Now Culkin has enlisted legendary musicians and some of his musical heroes as featured artists with an A-list band of incredible players for his new album that you wont want to miss!

“Shotgun Ridge” releases on Tonebucker Records, June 30th, 2023

Kyle Culkin is an American songwriter, guitarist and roots music recording artist. He has worked over the past two decades as a multi-instrumentalist musician and the guitarist for nationally touring acts such as The Jeff Jensen Band. Culkin opened for the great B.B. King on his 80th birthday tour when The King of the Blues proclaimed, “This kid can play!”

Why Me? - Kyle Culkin

1. My Baby’s Gone (3:54)
2. Trashy with You (2:50)
3. Whole ‘Nutha Thang (2:27)
4. Two More Bottles of Wine (3:08)
5. Willin’ (3:43)
6. Passing Through (4:41)
7. Creepin’ In (2:55)
8. Angels Get Their Way (2:33)
9. Path of Least Resistance (3:39)
10. Sweet Lullaby (2:39)
Songs Written by Kyle Culkin except for “Whole ‘Nutha Thang” (K. Moore & Mac Davis), “Two More Bottles of Wine” (D. McClinton), “Willin” (L. George), Passing Through” (D. Blakeslee), “Creepin’ In” (L. Alexander), “Path of Least Resistance” (T.R. Kamp & J. Morningstar)

The Band:
Kyle Culkin: Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Jade MacRae: Backing Vocals
Adam Gust: Drums and Percussion
Jamieson Trotter: Piano and B3 Organ
Marty Rifkin: Pedal Steel

Featured Artists:
Albert Lee: Guitar and backing vocals on “Whole ‘Nutha Thang”
Johnny Hiland: Guitar on “Two More Bottles of Wine”
Jade MacRae: Vocals on “Creepin’ In”
Ted Russell Kamp: Vocals on “Path of Least Resistance”
Max MacLaury: Vocals and rhythm guitar on “Passing Through”

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