Foto Malone Sibun - Come Together

Malone Sibun – Come Together
Format: CD
Label: Redline Music
Releasedatum: 31 januari 2020

Malone Sibun
The UK based, Detroit soulful blues-rock star Marcus Malone teams up with explosive British blues rock guitarist Innes Sibun for a handful of warm up dates for a new band with familiar faces.

The new band came about with a chance meeting at a show which uncovered a surprising amount of  musical common ground. Both musicians had just enjoyed the busiest 12 months of their careers and it was time to appraise their respective situations.

As Innes Sibun explains: “When the chance comes along to play with a great musician who is travelling down the same musical road as you, then you jump at it.  Listening to Marcus Malone I hear echo’s of two of my favourite singers, Paul Rodgers, Otis Redding and early David Coverdale, but above all it’s Marcus’s own unmistakable style & delivery.”

Marcus adds: “To say we are moving in the same direction musically is an understatement.  Not only does Innes have shades of my favourite guitar players – Jimmy Page, Hendrix and Paul Kossoff –  but he also has the soulful approach and the dynamics of BB and Albert King.  Put all those influences together and you get the unique style of Innes Sibun.”

Track List-Radio Edits

01. Come Together – Malone/Sibun (4:06)
02. Let Me Love You – Malone (4:27)
02. Let Me Love You – Malone (4:06)
03. I Want You Back – Sibun (4:07)
04. Taste of Your Love- Malone (4:44)
05. Jodie – Sibun (4:09)
06. So Tired of Living – Sibun (5:26)
07. Love Light – Sibun(4:13)
08. She’s My Girl – Malone (4:03)
09. Rabbit Hole – Malone (4:27)
10. Everydays a Miracle – Malone/Sibun (4:10)

Innes Sibun – Lead, Slide, Acoustic and Rhythm Guitar, Mandolin
Marcus Malone – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Chris Nugent – Drums
Roger Inniss – Bass Guitar
Stevie Watts – Keyboards (except track 10)
Moz Gamble – Keyboards (Track 10)
Chantelle Duncan – Backing Vocals.
Massimiliano Guidi – Acoustic Guitar (Track 4)

Website: Malone – Sibun

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