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Dana Fuchs is a Jagger blues-jammer, Otis soul-sister, juke-joint Janis and Sexy Sadie all rolled into one passionate performer and compassionate world class singer-songwriter. If anyone asks Dana to sum up what this new record Love Lives On, the seventh since her 2003 debut, is all about, Fuchs will say, Hope and redemption. Classic Rock Magazine finds her voice dirty and illicit, evoking Joplin, Jagger and a cigarette butt bobbing in a glass of bourbon. If anyone across the universe doesn’t know Dana Fuchs by now, 2018 is the best time to jump on board her rock-‘n’-soul-‘n’-rollin’ bandwagon by checking out her upcoming soul-drenched release and catching her captivating, leave-it-all-on-stage world tour to follow. The new Dana Fuchs album, Love Lives On is set for release on May 18th on Get Along Records.

Dana Fuchs - Love Lives On - Available Everywhere Now!

Sittin' On Trailer

Dana Fuchs Live In Concert 2018

APR 28 SAT – Rhythm & Blues Night 2018 – Groningen
APR 29 SUN – Café Zaal Hotel Thijssen – Vlierden


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