“Outlaw Blues” is how Lance wants me to describe his style of Blues after I persist to put it into a bucket… referring to the term Outlaw Country that originated in the 70’s under influence of country performers such as Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. It is certainly clear that the sound of Lance Lopez and his band is not the regular bluesrock you come across every day of the week. It is Blues, …oh yes it is…, but then again it very powerful and rock driven Blues. His voice shows his broad experience on the road and the joys of life accompanying that. It’s raw, passionate, unbelievable strong and in perfect balance with the powerful sound of the band.

Lance Lopez Band – Sam’s Burger Joint – San Antonio, TX 2 May 2018

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After seven years his latest album ‘Tell The Truth’ was released March 2nd on Mascot Label Group. The last years he dedicated a period to Supersonic Blues Machine that he initiated in cooperation with Fabrizio Grossi and Kenny Aronoff, with lots of guests of course.

But now it is time to focus on his own band. ‘Tell The Truth’ was written in a 3 years period and shows all that he lived through to become a Texas Guitar Blues Legend. It shows a truly own sound and his interpretation of what bluesrock should be about.

The new band exists of long time friend Wes Jeans on guitar/vocals and youngsters Aris Pouncy on bass and Landis Chisenhall on drums. A busy schedule is ahead while touring the US this summer. He promised me that the he and his band will try to come to Europe somewhere this fall to do a European tour.

For Aris and Landis this gig is a home game because they live within close distance of Sam’s Burger Joint in San Antonio. Another one of those famous places in Texas where you can enjoy live music almost everyday of the year. Tonight Lance will perform as opening act for the show of Walter Trout.

I am not sure if all people in the audience where well prepared for the outburst of energy that came from the podium as the four entered stage. Although Aris and Landis started off a little quiet and modest they were soon energized by their two experienced companions and started rocking the stage delivering a very stable rhythm section. Both Aris and Landis showed their talent in rockin’ solo’s throughout the show.

It became also clear that some of the people audience had come to San Antonio from far, just to see the show of Lance, as they gathered on the left side of the podium where was some space for people standing.

Wes very well described the cooperation on stage by saying that “it helps on stage, when you’re friends, to give space to others to shine”. And for me that is exactly what he did, providing a solid basis for the rock sound of the band, but every now and then also got a chance to glow himself.

And Lance? … Well when he is out there you will notice… and you better make sure you are prepared…

If you want to be energized, if you want to listen to an honest original sound, if you want to see quality musicians at work…. or if you want to hear what “Outlaw Blues” really is, just go out and see them!

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