Thursday marks the start of Ian Siegal’s three-night run celebrating the great man’s 70th birthday, which falls on Saturday. By great man Ian means the living genius that is TOM WAITS.

Ian Siegal will be playing with Braindogs, the occasional ensemble he has been involved with for some years and includes vocals and instrumentation by Livius Varga of Hungary’s well-known stadium rockers, Quimby; Mischa Den Haring of Netherland’s roots-rock masters, T-99; and the intriguing Austrian singer/songwriter Ripoff Raskolnikov.

These are top class musicians and singers enjoying themselves on a night-off. It’s as though you’re watching a jam-session but a really, really good and groovy one – the sort of moment in time that gets talked about for years.

The full cast is Ian Siegal (UK), Ripoff Raskolnikov (A), Mischa den Haring (NL), Livius Varga (H), Frenk (H), Laca Varga (H), Szabolcs Nagy (H).

Ian Siegal Celebrating Tom Waits’ 70th Birthday

Thursday, 5th Dec in BUDAPEST

Friday, 6th Dec in AMSTERDAM – Q-Factory

Saturday, 7th Dec in LONDON – Jazz Cafe

Come and join the party!

Braindogs - Downtown Train // Live 2013 // A38 Vibes

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