Best Of Michael "Iron Man" Burks (Digital-Only Release)

Michael Burks
Best Of Michael “Iron Man” Burks
Label: Alligator Records ; Release : 25 May 2010

Alligator Records has set a May 25 release date for the digital-only album, The Best Of Michael “Iron Man” Burks. This is the first digital-only release in Alligator’s history. It will be available at iTunes,, and almost all the other major download services.

THE BEST OF MICHAEL “IRON MAN” BURKS features tracks from all three of Burks’ Alligator releases and is an electrifying set of his emotional, rocked-out blues. Burks’ fiery fretwork, gruff, fervent vocals and overwhelming intensity are here on full display. The songs on the album feature some of the hottest guitar playing and most soulful singing Burks has ever recorded.

The music on the THE BEST OF MICHAEL “IRON MAN” BURKS — forged by his unquestionable talent and fueled by the experience of years on the road — proves that electric guitar blues is alive and well in the skillful hands of the Iron Man, Michael Burks.

01. Got A Way With Women 4:27
02. Good Man, Bad Thing 3:56
03. Empty Promises 6:15
04. One More Chance 3:41
05. Miss Mercy 4:04
06. Heartless 4:35
07. Icepick Through My Heart 6:53
08. Strange Feeling 4:29
09. Voodoo Spell 3:11
10. I Smell Smoke 3:51
11. Don’t Let It Be A Dream 5:38
12. Changed Man 4:45

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