Santana – In Search Of Mona Lisa

Label: Concord
Release date: 25 January 2019

In Search of Mona Lisa is the new five-track EP from the legendary Santana. It was inspired by Carlos Santana’s interaction with the Mona Lisa painting at the Louvre in Paris, France. The EP was produced by Narada Michael Walden and Carlos Santana.

The opening “Do You Remember Me,” which was produced by Rick Rubin, is an elegant tone poem that incorporates some of the onstage improvisations Santana has made a part of his live performances of the Supernatural hit “Smooth.” “In Search of Mona Lisa” is more upbeat and “more radio friendly, along with Bo Diddley,” according to Santana.

Santana - In Search Of Mona Lisa

1. Do You Remember Me
2. In Search Of Mona Lisa
3. Lovers From Another Time
4. Do You Remember Me (Edit Version)
5. In Search Of Mona Lisa (Edit Version)

Santana’s focus will be on new music, first with a Mona Lisa EP on Jan. 25, and then with a new album produced by Rick Rubin. The full album will be out “between spring and summer,” according to Santana.

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