Foto Release: Elles Bailey - Live at the Fire Station

I am delighted to announce my FIRST EVER full show, full band 15 track live album; Life at The Fire Station. There is nothing like the raw emotion that only live music can bring and now you can grab yourself a little bit of the Shining in the Half Light Tour magic to take home with you.


FORMAT: CD, Vinyl, Digital
RELEASE: 15 March 2024

1. The Game (Elles Bailey, Ashton Tucker, Will Edmunds)
2. Stones (Elles Bailey, Tamara Stewart, Will Edmunds)
3. Colours Start To Run (Elles Bailey, Alex Maile)
4. Perfect Storm (Elles Bailey)
5. Spinning Stopped (Elles Bailey. Ed Blunt)
6. Shining in the Half Light (Elles Bailey, Craig Lackey)
7. Help Somebody (Elles Bailey, Bobby Wood)
8. Medicine Man (Elles Bailey, Will Edmunds)
9. Halfway House (Elles Bailey, Ashton Tucker, Will Edmunds)
10. Cheats and Liars (Elles Bailey, Ashton Tucker)
11. Over the Hill (John Martyn)
12. Hole in my Pocket (Elles Bailey, Matt Owens)
13. Long as I See the Light (John Fogerty)
14. Riding Out the Storm (Elles Bailey, Joe Wilkins)
15. Sunshine City (Elles Bailey, Matt Owens)

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