Foto Recensie: Mike Vernon & The Mighty Combo - A Little Bit More (feat. Kid Carlos)

Mike Vernon & The Mighty Combo –  A Little Bit More (feat. Kid Carlos)
Format: CD – Digital / Label: Nuba Records S.L. – Cambayá
Releasedatum: 24 november 2017

Tekst: Iain Patience

Mike Vernon is little short of a blues legend in the UK. From his deep involvement as a producer and engineer in the blues world of the exploding 1960s British music scene through his creation of leading, and much missed, blues record label, Blue Horizon, Vernon has remained true to his vision of raw, pure, straight-on R&B and blues music.

Now, with this excellent six-track EP release, he again reminds us of just how important he can be and how much he truly understands the music he clearly loves so much. Tracks feature his quality keyboard chops, while ringing the changes on pace and power on a successive track basis. Fretwork is perfectly pitched with some wonderful licks, riffs and BB King-like flourishes, interspersed by zinging slide-work and gripping melodic flourishes. Throughout the disc, vocal strength keeps interest while an overall feel of that good-old, original sixties blues discovery sound rattles loud and clear at almost every turn.

‘A Little Bit More’ is an album that could easily be stretched out to full-length, it seems, and which is bound to appeal to anybody with a love of early John Mayall, Fleetwood Mac or Clapton, all bands he produced and worked with back in the day. Experience and quality shines throughout in this excellent offering.

01. Next Time You See Me
02. Heart & Soul
03. Old Man Dreams
04. Hot Little Mama
05. Come On Home
06. Hate To Leave (Hate To Say Goodbye)

Website: Mike Vernon

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