Foto Recensie: Chris Smither - Call Me Lucky

Chris Smither – Call Me Lucky
Format: CD – Digtal / Label:  Signature Sounds Recordings – V2 Records
Releasedatum: 2 maart 2018

Tekst:  Iain Patience

After a gap of a few years, US acoustic wizard, Chris Smither has resurfaced with a new, sixteen-track album bristling with his ever-quirky look at life, love and all points in between with ‘Call Me Lucky’.

Smither remains one of those truly rare things, a writer and singer with a remarkable eye for oddities and references that cross genres from roots to jazzy underpinnings and blues. Always matched by his trademark, hand-made Italian shoes shuffling steadily on his floor-board, Smither’s fretwork is ever top-quality and his grit-fuelled vocal delivery drifts along purposefully ahead of the backbeat, driving everything forward in his usual way. Easily one of the USA’s genuinely unique and astute writers, with ‘Call Me Lucky’ he pulls a few unexpected punches into the musical ring: clanging electric guitars rip out at times, together with fine, understated percussion with a raised rockabilly edge, while Smither displays his usual, cleverly jaundiced view of relationships and the world as he sees it.

Add a delightfully original cover of the old Chuck Berry masterpiece, Maybellene, here touched by a slower-paced acoustic nuanced style, follow it up with Sitting On Top Of The World, and you have an idea of just what the guy might be getting up to with this release. From the opener, Blame’s On Me, where the album-title lyrical hook finds its voice, through a solid hour of great music, to the closer, this is absolutely spot-on, vintage Smither, a guy with over half a century at the sharp-end of the business now behind him. The result is a release that bulges at the seams with quality, experience and wonderful music.

Promo 3 | Chris Smither Call Me Lucky (Blue Rock)

CD 1:
01. The Blame’s On Me
02. Maybellene
03. Down To The Sound
04. Nobody Home
05. By The Numbers
06. Change Your Mind
07. Everything On Top
08. Sittin’ On Top Of The World
09. Too Bad, So Sad
10. Lower The Humble
11. She Said She Said

CD 2:
01. Everything On Top (alternate version)
02. Down To The Sound (alternate version)
03. Nobody Home (alternate version)
04. Change Your Mind (alternate version)
05. By The Numbers (alternate version)

Website: Chris Smither

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