Foto Recensie: Bryan Lee - Sanctuary

Bryan Lee – Sanctuary
Format: CD / Label: Ear Relevant Records
Releasedatum: 1 september 2018

Tekst: Iain Patience

‘Sanctuary’ is a truly surprising release, a mix of downright, full-throttle blues and near-gospel tracks that come mostly from BryanLee’s own writing. Lee, blind since age eight or so, has been picking guitar for over sixty years and the ability such experience brings rings clear and loud throughout here. Muddy Waters once tipped Lee as a blues survivor and likely living legend: praise don’t come any higher in the blues world.

With eleven tracks to play with this album also features some delightful piano and keys work and a totally well-rounded performance from a host of top-dollar US southern sidemen including some simply wonderful , inspiring backing vocals from Dierdrie Fellner. Lee has a rasping, gripping vocal delivery that always remains just the right side of uplifting. In many ways Lee successfully dishes out a remarkable range of songs that impress for their rhythmic class and dramatic lyrics, reflecting Lee’s own deeply held religious opinions and beliefs, a factor that clearly surfaces at every turn.
But this is no simple Old Time Religion or gospel offering; ‘Sanctuary’ is an album roaring with long-held religious fervour and belief. This is a release crammed full to bursting with burning blues and fiery fretwork from a man working at the very top of his game.

‘Sanctuary’ hits all the needed spots, delivering funky overdrive, and down and dirty blues snatches, whenever and wherever required, highlighting Lee’s huge ability, talent and downright towering genius. This is an album to hit loud, hard and repeatedly.

Bryan Lee - What You Gonna Do

01. Fight For The Light
02. The Gift
03. Jesus Gave Me The Blues
04. U-Haul
05. Sanctuary
06. Mr.Big
07. Only If You Praise The Lord
08. Don’t Take My Blindness For A Weakness
09. I Ain’t Gonna Stop
10. The Lord’s Prayer
11. Jesus Is My Lord And Savior

Album Line-up:
Bryan Lee: vocals, guitar
Deidre Fellner: b-vocalss
Marc Spagone: guitar
Jack Berry – David Kasik: bass
Matt Liban: drums
Jimmy Voegeli: keyboards
Steve Hamilton: percussion
Greg Koch: dobro

Website: Bryan Lee

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