CD / LP Release: Popa Chubby – Tinfoil Hat (Dixie Frog, 5 March 2021)

Popa Chubby Tinfoil Hat

“This record is as true as I have ever been in 60 years on the planet. It’s birthed from love, desperation, fear, frustration, pain, joy, sorrow, and resolution. Like you I have been pushed to the limits of my humanity by the pandemic. But music sweet music has set me straight once again and I offer this work with humility and devotion to you all.”

Popa Chubby – Tinfoil Hat

Format: CD / LP / Digital
Label: Dixie Frog
Release date: 5 March 2021

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1 Tinfoil hat
2 Baby put on your mask
3 No justice no peace
4 Someday soon (change is gonna come)
5 Can i call you my friends
6 You ain’t said shit
7 Another day in hell
8 Boogie for tony
9 Cognitive dissonance
10 Embee’s song
11 1968 again

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