Popa Chubby – It’s A Mighty Hard Road

More Than 30 Years Of Blues Rock And Soul

Popa Chubby Its A Mighty Hard Road


With this new album the New York City blues inventor is back in force to celebrate his career of 30 years.

15 magnificent titles: tender and bestial Popa, full of rage and love, electricity and emotion. A must have for all his fans !

This album is a treat because it goes through the whole range of emotions and sentiments that can be put into songs. including love, of course. For dessert, Popa Chubby covers Kiss. Not the group Kiss but the song by Prince. “Prince, really had a big influence on me.as a guitar player. There really nobody above him except maybe Hendrix. I love that song, my girl friend loved that song when I played it for her. Kiss is a blues song!”

Popa Chubby is returning to the roster of the Dixiefrog label after five years of infidelity. Dixiefrog meant a lot of good for Popa Chubby and vice versa. And, as sings Popa Chubby in the middle of his new album: The best is yet to come.

Popa Chubby – It’s A Mighty Hard Road

Formats: CD | Vinyl
Label: Dixiefrog
Release date: 14 February 2020

1. The Flavor Is In The Fat
2. It’s A Mighty Hard Road
3. Buyer Beware
4. It Ain’t Nothin’
5. Let Love Free The Day
6. If You’re Looking For Trouble
7. The Best Is Yet To Come
8. I’m The Beast From The East
9. Gordito
10. Enough Is Enough
11. More Time Making Love
12. Why You wanna Bite My Bones
13. Lost Again
14. I’d Rather Be Blind
15. Kiss


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