New John Primer / Bob Corritore CD To Be Released In April!

John Primer & Bob Corritore’s 2nd Delta Groove release April 21, 2017. An album of hard hitting Chicago Blues!

John Primer Bob Corritore Aint Nothing You Can Do

John Primer and Bob Corritore join forces once again to present their deep Chicago blues roots. Their 2013 Delta Groove debut, ‘Knockin’ Around These Blues,’ garnered awards and nominations, international critical praise, and a number one spot on the Living Blues radio charts! Backed by an all-star cast that includes Henry Gray, Barrelhouse Chuck, Big Jon Atkinson, Troy Sandow, Chris James, Patrick Rynn and Brian Fahey, Primer and Corritore lead their seasoned session partners through a hard-hitting program of stompin’ shuffles, rowdy dance floor packers and treacherous slow blues.

John Primer and Bob Corritore – Ain’t Nothing You Can Do!

Label: Delta Groove Music
Release date: 21 April 2017

1. Poor Man Blues
2. Elevate Me Mama
3. Hold Me in Your Arms
4. Big Leg Woman
5. Gambling Blues
6. Harmonica Boogaloo
7. Ain’t Nothing You Can Do
8. For the Love of a Woman
9. May I Have a Talk with You
10. When I Leave Home

John Primer Bob Corritore Aint Nothing You Can Do (back)

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