Dom Martin – Spain to Italy
Release date: 4 december 2019
Label: Savage Music

“When I was younger maybe 17/18 I had planned an escape from my life. I wanted to leave everything behind. In my head, I thought Europe, and a good starting point would be Spain. It’s hot there you see. I would find a guitar and just walk with Italy in my mind as some kind of finish line, busking along the way. I figured if I made £15 a day I could probably live on that.

Anyway, this is all before I found out just how sick my father was. He was always unwell but his lifetime of self destruction had really caught up with him. He was about 41,42, and lived alone. Reclusive. To cut an extremely sad and long story short, I moved in with him and took care of him until the day he died 5 years later, at the age of 47. My best friend and I miss him. I wrote the song ‘Spain to Italy’ for him as an outlet but I never wanted to play it live. It wasn’t meant for that. There is a line in the song ‘For I have walked from Spain to Italy, and found no difference there’. That line says it all. You cannot escape your past. you cannot get out of your own head. You’re locked in a room no matter where you go. I will do the trip one day though, I feel like I owe it to my younger self.”

Tracks Listing:
01. Easy Way Out
02. Dixie Black Hand
03. Luca
04. Antrim Blues
05. Hell for You
06. Spain To Italy
07. Mercy
08. Dealer
09. The Rain Came
10. Dog Eat Dog

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