David Gilmour brengt in september het nieuwe studioalbum Luck and Strange uit.

Het vijfde album van de gitarist en songwriter werd in vijf maanden opgenomen in Brighton en Londen en is Gilmour’s eerste album met nieuw materiaal in negen jaar. David co-produceerde met ALT-J’s Charlie Andrew en Marika Hackman en de teksten zijn grotendeels geschreven door Polly Samson.

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David Gilmour - Luck And Strange (albumcover photo)

2024 solo album from the Pink Floyd guitarist/vocalist

180-gram translucent “Sea Blue” vinyl
180-gram black vinyl
Gatefold jacket, album cover and booklet, with photography and design by renowned artist Anton Corbijn

Blu-ray audio album
Dolby Atmos and high-resolution stereo mixes plus four bonus tracks!
Softpak and booklet with photography and design by renowned artist Anton Corbijn

Produced by David Gilmour and Charlie Andrew (ALT-J)

Lyrics by Polly Samson

David Gilmour
Luck And Strange

Label: Legacy
Release: 6 September 2024
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Pink Floyd guitarist/vocalist David Gilmour has announced his first solo album in nine years, Luck and Strange. The first track is “The Piper’s Call.”

Recorded during five months in Brighton and London, the record sees Gilmour team up with Alt-J producer Charlie Andrew. The collaboration pushed Gilmour to expand his horizons and rethink his traditional methods of composition. Lyrics were mostly written by Polly Samson, Gilmour’s co-writer for the past 30 years.

The album features eight new tracks along with a beautiful reworking of The Montgolfier Brothers’ “Between Two Points,” which sees Romany Gilmour, who performs backing vocals across the album, on vocals and harp.

Musicians contributing to the record include Guy Pratt and Tom Herbert on bass, Adam Betts, Steve Gadd and Steve DiStanislao on drums, Rob Gentry and Roger Eno on keyboards and string and choral arrangements by Will Gardner. The title track also features the late Pink Floyd keyboard player Richard Wright, recorded in 2007 during a “Barn Jam” at Gilmour’s house.

The album’s cover image, photographed and designed by renowned artist Anton Corbijn, is inspired by lyrics written by Charlie Gilmour for the album’s final song “Scattered.”

“We invited Charlie (Andrew) to the house, so he came and listened to some demos, and said things like, ‘Well, why does there have to be a guitar solo there?’ and ‘Do they all fade out? Can’t some of them just end?'” Gilmour relayed.

“He has a wonderful lack of knowledge or respect for this past of mine. He’s very direct and not in any way overawed, and I love that. That is just so good for me because the last thing you want is people just deferring to you.”

Blu-ray disc album in Dolby Atmos and high-resolution stereo mixes plus four bonus tracks; Softpak and booklet with photography and design by Anton Corbijn.

1. Black Cat
2. Luck and Strange
3. The Piper’s Call
4. A Single Spark
5. Vita Brevis
6. Between Two Points – with Romany Gilmour
7. Dark and Velvet Nights
8. Sings
9. Scattered

Bonus tracks Blu-ray disc album:
10. Yes, I Have Ghosts
11. Luck and Strange (Original Barn Jam)
12. A Single Spark (Orchestral)
13. Scattered (Orchestral)

David Gilmour – The Piper’s Call (Official Music Video)

David Gilmour - The Piper's Call (Official Music Video)

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