John Primer & The Teardrops – Tribute to Magic Slim! Recorded live at ROSA’S LOUNGE – November 26th 2022

Official release date – FEB 24th, 2023

The John Primer & The Teardrops Tribute to Magic Slim recording is a labor of love. We want to bring Magic Slim back into focus and shine a light on what they accomplished together. John wants the younger generation to listen to Magic Slim & The Teardrops and to realize where the music came from. Magic Slim was a giant in the blues world! John Primer was given the opportunity to stand on his shoulders to carry the blues forward. This tribute is a gift to Magic Slim for all that he did for John and the Teardrops! We hope everyone will research Magic Slim & The Teardrops, pay them the respect they deserve and enjoy the music they made together!

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