Foto Recensie: Jørgen Sandvik - Permanent Vacation

Jørgen Sandvik – Permanent Vacation
Format: CD – Vinyl / Label: Apollon Records
Releasedatum: 20 maart 2018

Tekst: Iain Patience

This is an interesting bit of mostly acoustic-based blues from a young Norwegian bluesman, Jørgen Sandvik, a guy who likes to think the blues can be worked with, experimented with and moved forward. As a member of Norway’s rock-folk outfit, Real Ones, he is no newcomer to the international music stage and recording, though ‘Permanent Vacation’ marks his debut solo release.
There’s a real, traditional, folksie feel at times to the tracks with some unusual instrumentation including, cello, pump-organ and flutes. However, for the main part, guitars – electric and acoustic  -feature prominently with some fine, understated slide and Sandvik’s penetrating vocals always ringing through with ease.
Sandvik includes a few covers of traditional blues classics such as Midnight Special and Tell Your Mother in the mix alongside a range of his own self-penned material. All of it has a biting, blues-infused touch together with a genuinely raw and, at times, rough-edged sound and feeling.  This is no bad thing here, and overall it probably not only saves the album but also gives it a surprisingly original and captivating feel.

Scandinavia has long been a centre of blues excellence and commitment, and with Jørgen Sandvik’s ‘Permanent Vacation’ we may just have discovered yet another worthy addition to the region’s blues cannon. An album worth a few repeat listens, it grows in echoing depth and delivers nicely.

Jørgen Sandviks Permanent Vacation - This Hole Is Not So Deep

01. The Devil Got My Woman
02. Tell Your Mother
03. Is There Hope
04. Midnight Special
05. It Will Happen
06. This Hole Is Not So Deep
07. Will People Talk About Me
08. The Law
09. The World Keeps On Turning


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