Foto Recensie: Allen Finney - Salt Breeze With Kites

Allen Finney – Salt Breeze With Kites
Format: CD – Digital / Label: Eigen Beheer
Releasedatum: 22 oktober 2018

Tekst: Iain Patience

This is one of those surprising releases that sort of catches you unawares, pins you to the speaker and delivers loads of straight-forward pleasure and delight.

Allen Finney is a USA-born, bluesman of some stature now long based in Sweden, where he plies his trade as a genuinely gripping guitarist and blues-based performer. Each track here holds elements of both beauty and surprise as Finney moves effortlessly from light jazz flourishes, full-tilt headlong blues, R&B and echoes of funk and soul.
Vocals are smoothly delivered, while the supporting musicians all come together perfectly to create a wholesome sound and vibe that simply works near-perfectly. In reality, this is an album that carries no dead-wood, no fill-ups or filling, instead providing some deliciously emotive lyrics matched by some on-the-button musical support, melody and flavour.

Among the support players here, we find Sweden’s Christer Lyssarides, a long-time guitarist buddy of Eric Bibb, and a guy with an evident ability and talent that is always apparent just below the surface. Finney himself is no mean picker, and his fretwork is always forefront together with his voice and soulful delivery. At times, there are sparks of humour to be found in the lyrics while at others there’s the usual gamut of emotions from love, loss, heartache and hurt to hope and desire.

‘Salt Breeze With Kites’ and Allen Finney  is a positive winner, a keeper, an album to discover, savour, enjoy and play often.

Let It Go

01. The Jim Dandy Song
02. Let It Go
03. Who’s Got The Twine
04. A Pink Sunrise,Palm Trees and Golden Sand
05. When You Got It Good
06. Down Where The Salt Wind Blows
07. Dm Rainbow
08. Fill Up The Whole
09. One Way Outa Here
10. Across Tha Marble Floor
11. I Feel Like Going home

Website: Allen Finney

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