California Sleaze

Artist: Twelve Caesars
Title: Scenes from Wild Eyed Dreams
Release date: April 14th, 2023
Label: Ramrock Red Records
Catalogue No: RRRLP009

Following on from their outstanding 2022 EP release, ‘Swan Fendered Mercury’, Twelve Caesars aka Andrew Pipe and Stephen Ennever unveil their debut Ramrock Red LP release, ‘Scenes from Wild Eyed Dreams’. The inspiration for the LP’s title, ‘Scenes From Wild Eyed Dreams’, is a lyric taken from a song on the album called ‘Eleven Ways From Hell’ – legend has it that there are 11 hidden portals on Earth through which one can enter the Underworld. The topics covered by the LP’s tracks take you on a bit of trek, moving from the US Civil Rights Movement through to Tiananmen Square and the Fall of the Berlin Wall via the war in Vietnam.

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