Scars - OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO featuring Malford Milligan

Red Monday (Jim Miller)

I’ve been a songwriter and musician for most of my life. But if you would had asked me in my 20s if I’d be making a record in my 50s, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. But somehow, whether by coincidence or destiny, the stars and moons have aligned so that I can share my new project, band and CD… Red Monday.

The spark for the Red Monday project ignited about 2 years ago when I attended a very special concert, organized by Guy Arnston, the former Editor of the Illinois Entertainer Newspaper. Billed as a Haymaker’s Reunion, Guy was able to reunite some of Chicago’s rock royalty from the 70’s and 80’s who played the legendary Haymaker’s club.

It was at this show that I reconnected with several old musician friends and former bandmates including singer – Rick Harris. In the days following, as the buzz about the Haymaker’s show spread, I heard from an old drummer friend – Mike McCarron. Catching up with Harris and McCarron, I was inspired to pick up the guitar, start writing and jamming again with my former band mates, and pull out an old notebook full of original songs – one of which had been penned exactly 25 years earlier to the day.

Red Monday is steeped in the power, melody and movement reminiscent of the British and American Classic Rock songbook. Each track is crafted to evoke emotions through heartfelt lyrics, soulful vocals, shimmering guitars, dynamic drum grooves and memorable hooks.

Malford Milligan has won 8 Austin Music Awards for Best Vocalist, fronted Storyville (with Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon, David Grissom, & David Holt), sang on numerous recordings with Eric Johnson, Greg Koch, Boneshakers, The Southern Aces, and many more , as well as 5 solo albums.

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