Foto In Memoriam | Terry Evans (14 August 1937 - 20 January 2018)

In Memoriam | Terry Evans (14 August 1937 – 20 January 2018)

Terry Evans has passed away at 80. Evans was a Vicksburg native who grew up singing in his church. He worked semi professionally with an a cappella group called the Knights before relocating in the 1960s to Los Angeles. Beginning in the 70’s he worked as a songwriter. Writing songs and working with singer Bobby King, he eventually became a backing vocalist on many of Ry Cooder’s albums. His work includes the soundtrack to the 1980’s movie Crossroads. His voice is also in the film.

He launched a solo career in the mid 90’s, making several albums and later appeared with Dutch singer/guitarist Hans Theessink on a couple of albums…..the last one in 2012. He was a wonderful singer.

Over the last several years, catching him in his tour routing, and in town to see his family, the Vicksburg Blues Society presented Terry Evans in concert.

Bron: Vicksburg Blues Society

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