In Memoriam | Otis Rush (April 29, 1934 – September 29, 2018)

In Memoriam | Otis Rush (April 29, 1934 – September 29, 2018)

Masaki Rush, wife of Otis Rush announced that on September 29, 2018 Mr. Rush, one of the most influential Chicago blues artists of all time passed away due to complications from a stroke which he initially suffered in 2003.

Known as a key architect of the Chicago “West Side Sound’ Rush exemplified the modernized minor key urban blues style with his slashing, amplified jazz-influenced guitar playing, high-strained passionate vocals and backing by a full horn section. Rush’s first recording in 1956 on Cobra Records ‘I Can’t Quit You Baby’ reached #6 on the Billboard R&B Charts and catapulted him to international acclaim. He went on to record a catalog of music that contains many songs that are now considered blues classics….

Source: Otis Rush Official

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  1. Stan 1 oktober 2018 om 19:19 - Antwoorden

    Groot artiest. Inspiratiebron voor o.a. Eric Clapton, Peter Green en Jimmy Page.

  2. carla 2 oktober 2018 om 13:26 - Antwoorden

    jammer, we verliezen de afgelopen tijd veel goede artiesten

  3. Rob 3 oktober 2018 om 22:41 - Antwoorden

    Naast zijn kenmerkende Chicago stijl,die veel mensen heeft geïnspireerd, was een kenmerk dat hij linkshandig speelde op een voor rechts-handigen gestemde gitaar. Een iconische blues-man. RIP Otis Rush.

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