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By the time Wolf reached Russia his “Blue Fix” tour had taken him literally across the globe..The timing of the recording of a live performance could not have been better. The operation came about after meeting Russia’s own Blues maestro, Arsen Shomakhov. The pair decided to swap services and help book a tour for each others in their familiar territories.

After only two rehearsals and one concert at the BB King club downtown Moscow, a film crew and mobile studio was brought in to record the following performance at the Jazz Town Theater.

It has been said that nothing can prepare you for Wolf Mail live on stage, as he does not believe in playing safe and when he performs his recorded stuff he goes way outside the square. That night at the Jazz Town was no exception, and just as he had done it over the four hundred and some shows prior on this tour, Wolf gave it his very best.

Not many performers have the ability to start their set as full on as Mail does, and when he does you can’t help but to wonder how long he can keep it up… but just when you think it can’t get any better he kicks it up another notch.

Filmed in digital high definition, this recording captures for the first time Mail’s raw talent, limitless passion, incredible avant-garde style and guitar technique that made his performances so legendary.

Hendrix and Stevie Ray may be long gone but the spirit lives on….its name is Wolf Mail.

Wolf Mail live dvd

* Welcome To Moscow
* Love Breaking Shuffle
* So Fine
* Nov 27 Blues/The Sky Is Crying
* Coming To You (The Return)
* Honey Hush
* Blue Rose
* Hello
* We the People
* Old Time Used To Be

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