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Wille & The Bandits will release their new album “Paths” on Friday 1st February 2019, encapsulating the excitement and gusto of rock’n’roll. The album is a breath of fresh air challenging the listener while embracing technology and instrumental possibilities that are afforded to musicians in current times. The new album will be released by Fat Toad Records and distributed by Proper.

wille and the bandits paths

“I feel that we have finally managed to capture the various soundscapes and unusual instrumentation of
our sound on one album without losing the raw, live energy of WATB”
– Wille Edwards (Lead Vocals, Guitars)

Wille & The Bandits manage to encompass musical diversity which makes their music so appealing. The band adopts the musical essence, nostalgia and discovery of the late 60’s and 70’s and mix Rock and Roll with a more modern approach, combining elements of world music, dance music and hip-hop creating something truly unique.

“Paths” Album Tracklisting

1. One Way (3:13)
2. Make Love (3:39)
3. Victim of the Night (4:57)
4. Four Million Days (5:10)
5. Chakra (4:33)
6. Keep it on the Down-low (4:04)
7. Judgement Day (3:44)
8. How Long (5:17)
9. Find My Way (3:22)
10. Watch You Grow (5:13)
11. Retribution (4:54)


1. One Way

Features Wille’s bottleneck guitar and Andy’s thundering drums to create a driving anthem that gets your feet tapping and head banging. The theme in the verses is to highlight many western countries’ questionable foreign policies and propaganda. In the chorus various leaders are named who have stood for peace as the “One Way”.

2. Make Love

This song is triggered by a great groove on the drums and a funky unison lick by the guitar and bass, all the guitars were recorded using 1950’s valve amps and the vocals run through a vintage tape machine to give that real retro feel. The song is a hark back to the flower power days and lyrically questions the “eye for and eye” notion of making War not Love.

3. Victim of the Night

The song is about someone who is struggling through life and his issues and finds solace in the toxicity of the nightlife. The outro features guest vocals from Alex Hart and soars into epic Blues Rock Banditry with wailing guitars and swirling Hammond organ.

4. Four Million Days

This is a ballad about someone who is looking for their parents. It starts with a lonely gentle cello played by Matt, accompanied by Wille’s finger picked acoustic guitar. The song then builds into a huge chorus which shows the power in Wille’s vocals and songwriting skills of this trio with the melody circling in your head for days. The song also features an almost Floydesque soundscape with Wille’s signature lap slide solo weaving in and out of the strings perfectly arranged by Matthew Brooks. The sound is reminiscent of David Gilmore’s slide guitar playing on tracks such as high hopes.

5. Chakra

A song about how the World’s natural environment is so important to our development as human beings and if we don’t act soon we may lose our precious planet. The song demonstrates Andy’s skills on percussion with his use of the Hang Drum and Djembe, giving the track a world music vibe and enhancing the natural element of the song. Wille uses electric Weissenborn for the whole track in a custom tuning with Matt accompanying with his 6 string Bass

6. Keep it on the Down-low

This song showcases how the band can really groove and brings in more modern elements of hip hop and rap in the vocal style. It features heavy percussive elements, and also has an almost Derek Trucks style bottleneck solo and some serious funk Bass playing from Matt

7. Judgement Day

Inspired by the TV series “The Wire” where some of the characters come from a religious background and don’t have a choice but to become involved in the street life. They feel that they will be judged on Judgement Day. The song was again recorded using vintage equipment and has a Nick Cave and Tom Waits Vibe.

8. How Long

This song was inspired by one of Wille’s favourite singers Chris Cornell who took his own life, and the vocal and song is a tribute to him. “I felt very emotional about Chris Cornell’s passing and while sat on my beach in Cornwall I wrote this song which talks about depression and how long it takes to overcome this horrible condition.

9. Find My Way

Talks about trying to find a way in a world which feels like it is designed to profit the rich. It features Willes vocals run through a 1970’s space echo and super fuzzed out guitar through 1953 valve amplifier. The middle eight features Matt’s 6 string bass playing alongside Wille playing a dobro through a space echo. The use of Indian scales on the dobro and Andy playing various types of drums, including the Udu and Djembe’s gives an almost tribal eastern sound.

10. Watch You Grow

This was written when Wille first became a father and the verses consider the experiential and existential changes in becoming a parent. The chorus talks about watching his daughters grow up and what a beautiful thing it is. The instrumentation is deeply interesting with Wille using a Weissenborn guitar and flirting with Indian sensibilities in the verses and Andy playing an African tonal percussion instrument called a Tongue drum the track is all held together and driven by a looping hypnotic bass line which gets your toes tapping.

11. Retribution

Hanging with a theme in this album, this track considers how government have failed us in protecting our planet and have made profit more important than future generations and should be held accountable. The song has an almost retro feel featuring again Wille’s lap slide skills which soar into a huge almost Lynyrd Skynyrd style solo in front of Matt and Andy’s solid foundations.


Wille Edwards
Lead Vocals
Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Electric Lap Steel
Electric Weissenborn

Matt Brooks
Six String Electric Bass
Five String Double Bass
Cello, String Arrangements
Backing Vocals.

Andrew Naumann
Drums, Djembes, Congas
Wood and Steel Tongue Drums
Udu, Shakers, Jews Harp
Backing Vocals

wille and the bandits

Volgend jaar is het zover; op 1 februari komt ‘Paths’ uit, het vijfde studioalbum van de Britse band Wille & The Bandits. Als voorproefje brengen ze vandaag de single ‘Find My Way’ uit.

wille and the bandits find my way

‘Find My Way’ is een stevige rocktrack die gaat over het vinden van je weg in een wereld waar geld lijkt te regeren. Wille & The Bandits maakt gebruik van vintage apparatuur zoals de Roland Space Echo uit de jaren ’70 en een buizenversterker uit 1953. Een keur van exotische instrumenten als de dobro, udu, djembe en Indiase klankschalen geven ‘Find My Way’ een Oosters tintje.

Op ‘Paths’ halen Wille & The Bandits inspiratie uit de rockmuziek van de late jaren ’60 en ’70. Gecombineerd met nieuwe technologieën, waarbij ook gebruik wordt gemaakt van elementen uit de wereldmuziek, dance en hiphop zorgt de band voor een uniek geluid.

Zanger en gitarist Wille Edwards vertelt: “Ik heb het gevoel dat we er eindelijk in geslaagd zijn om verschillende soundscapes en de ongewone instrumentatie van ons geluid op één album vast te leggen, zonder onze rauwe live energie te verliezen.”

Wille & The Bandits heeft een indrukwekkende live reputatie. De band tourde onder andere met  Deep Purple, Status Quo, Jon Butler Trio, Warren Haynes en Joe Bonamassa. Laatstgenoemde heeft Wille geprezen om zijn geweldige gitaarspel en Ian Paice van Deep Purple noemde Wille & The Bandits “de beste supportband met wie ze ooit gespeeld hebben”. In hun thuisland speelde de band op prestigieuze festivals als Glastonbury en Isle of Wight. In december van dit jaar doet de band twee optredens in Nederland. De officiële ‘Paths’ tour gaat in januari van start.

Wille & The Bandits live data:
1 december 2018 – Blues & Brews Festival, Iduna Drachten
2 december 2018 – Apeldoorn, Humphrey’s Cafe
18 januari 2019 – Zoetermeer, Boerderij
19 januari 2019 – Tilburg, Paradox
20 januari 2019 – Amen, Café de Amer
25 april 2019 – Verviers, Spirit of 66


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