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Walter is in the hospital. This is from Walter’s wife, Marie: “Please send loving thoughts and prayers to Walter. He is severely dehydrated, and his electrolytes are dangerously out of balance. He should be better once the balance is restored – it will take a few days in the hospital.

Also, we are now waiting for the third week in a row for a decision from his health insurance company to decide whether they will pay for a new wonder drug that should be able to cure Walter’s condition. If you could send some positive energy in that direction too? That the insurance company will approve the medication: Each pill costs $ 1,000 – a full treatment is $90,000!

Walter will benefit from your thoughts, prayers and consideration. Thank you. And please do not call Walter. He needs to rest. Write your comments here. We will post updates here as things unfold.”

3 feb. 2014 – Update from Walter’s wife Marie via facebook

Another note from Marie, Walter’s wife: “Thank you, thank you to all of you. We are absolutely blown away by your love and support for Walter. This has been an overwhelming response from you all, and each good wish posted by you since yesterday has been read by Walter – and it has warmed his heart!
Now a bit of good news: Walter is just now home from the hospital this afternoon in time to watch some of the Super Bowl (his annual football game watching ritual)… He is somewhat improved after two days on IV’s and constant monitoring at the hospital – disaster averted for now. To keep him stable and get him the very expensive treatment to get rid of the underlying condition is now front and center of our focus. Thanks for the loving thoughts and prayers. They help… they really do. We are both grateful to be surrounded by your love!”

6 feb. 2014 – Update from Walter’s wife Marie via facebook

Update on Walter’s health from Marie: “Miracles happen! All your prayers and positive energy sent to Walter have worked wonders: The medication was just approved, and now Walter starts treatment tomorrow! Initially this medication was denied by the insurance company, but in the past few days Walter’s team of specialists have been able to reverse that – and we now have the medication in our possession!!! Thank you again for the support and the love sent to Walter. You all own a piece of this victory! I really believe that. Love is a powerful force in the world. Walter is going in the studio today to put final touches on a new album he has been working on for the past year. All his gratitude and all his love for you, his fans and friends, will be in every note he plays – especially today.”

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