Op vrijdag 17 april brengt Jon Bryant zijn nieuwe video ‘Heart Rate & Dopamine’, afkomstig van de EP ‘Bad Happens’ uit! Luister HIER:


Jon over de video:
“Half bad spans a decade that was half good. There were highs and lows. My worldview along with my life and beliefs got flipped upside down. The ep highlights some of those moments that stuck to the forefront my mind.

The video for Heart Rate & Dopemine is a real time chronicle of baking cookies in my kitchen. I filmed it with the help of my very capable quarantine partner, Bree. It’s simple, isolated and harkens to the social distancing thats required of all of us right now. Sometimes “good” can come from what’s perceived as “bad”. I don’t want to give away the ending but, in life, as in baking, sometimes things don’t go according to plan.”

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