Taken from the upcoming album “Never Forget” released on Thursday 28th March 2019.

Stef Paglia will release, under his own supervision, his first soulful, groovy blues rock album on March 28th 2019. To celebrate this, a CD release party will take place at the “Muziekodroom” in Hasselt (BE) on the 28th of March 2019; free admission.

With this album Stef Paglia takes his first steps into a solo career away from The BluesBones. Accompanied by Geert Schurmans (BEL) on bass guitar and Joel Purkess (CAN) on drums. The album is produced by Wayne Proctor (UK) and is recorded in the Superfly Studios in England. All photography, album artwork and graphic design by Iris Teunissen.
“Never Forget” is recorded in the Superly Studios in Nottinghamshire England and engineered by Andrew Banfield.
Mixing and mastering is done by Wayne Proctor and Steve Wright from House of Tone Productions in the Y dream studios, North Wales.

Tour Dates:
CD RELEASE Thursday March 28th Muziekodroom Hasselt (BE)

Sunday April 7th Sunday Blues Ede (NL)
Sunday May 5th Frürocken Eupen (BE)
Saturday August 3rd Oetsloven Blues Wellen (BE)
More dates To Be Announced…

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