Party is about how easy it is to feel safe in chaos. We spend so much of our lives looking for something greater than ourselves and when we find it we often give our whole selves to it. We make choices that land us inside a tribe we never imagined we’d be a part of. It’s hard to see things objectively when we’re so immersed. Party makes me think of my cognitive blind spots and where I’m not getting the full picture.

I recorded the video for Party in my friend John Voth’s basement. He and I were chatting one day a few weeks before we filmed when he mentioned how he wanted to do more film projects. I needed a video and he was more than willing. It was also his directorial debut so I think he did fantastic job. It’s a fun bright, vibey concept we threw against the dark themes of the song.

Het nummer is afkomstig van zijn album ‘Cult Classic

Website: V2 Records


(Credit Carly Dame)

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