Bishop Gunn is:  Travis McCready (vocals), Burne Sharp (drums), Drew Smithers (guitar), and Ben Lewis (bass)

Mississippi band Bishop Gunn have released a new video from their recent album ‘Natchez’ (named after their home city) for the song Makin’ It. The video was filmed in Leipers Fork, Tennessee and in Natchez, Mississippi and it includes home video footage from singer Travis’ childhood. Travis remembers: “I would do these little concerts for my family in my livingroom when I was around four years old and my parents filmed them. You can see my brother Johnny in the footage who passed a few years ago.” Travis writes in Makin’ It about making a career out of music, being away from home and about the death of his brother Johnny, “to me Makin’ It is mostly about the feeling that sometimes it’s wrong to be away from home and family.
Sometimes I feel a little guilty about that, and I have some survivors guilt do to my brother’s passing from a heroin overdose.”
The video was created by Nashville-based director Tyler Barksdale “I was listening to Makin’ It over and over again, and I just remember thinking to myself I have to make a video for this I was driven to do it – it spoke to me at that time. I then learnt of Travis’ story, and all of the hardships he faced, and losing his brother. It gave me a different perspective. I mean you have this guy from the small town of Natchez, MS, who has lived what he’s lived, and through all that he’s just continuing to push forward.” Tyler continues “One of the reasons for the inclusion of home video footage was to honor, Travis’ brother, Johnny, so his legacy can live on. I’m very grateful to have been given the opportunity to tell this story by not just Travis, but his parents as well. It was a very humbling experience.”

Bishop Gunn will play their first live shows in Europe from the end of February. Starting with headline dates before joining Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators on their tour through Europe. Travis enthuses: “I’m really looking forward to going to Europe. Up until recently I had only been to four or five states in the U.S, now we’ve toured most of the country and it’s time to head to Europe and see new people and countries! Really looking forward to the experience of traveling so far and rocking so many brand new audiences! It’s going to be quite a culture shock! But we’re ready to bring high energy and passion wherever we play!!”

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