Bospop Festival
Festivalterrein, Weert
8 & 9 July 2017 – Day 1

Bospop 2017 was attracting the music-lovers again to a new festival edition in Weert in Holland on 8 & 9 July 2017 by its stellar line-up. The most exciting was again the actuality of appreance of world renowned headliners and uncharted acts. So Bospop 2017 was again for all festival maniacs a journey to explore new artists and bands and to worship their beloved musical vein.

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The Stevie Nimmo Trio had the honor to open up Bospop 2017 as blues- and blues-rockin’ heavyweighters. Mister Nimmo’s voice was ever so stunning from powerful to also soulful. The “Eye Of The Storm” was to thrill the freaks by this early hour. What a “Good Day For The Blues” by the Stevie Nimmo Trio.


Next on the tent-stage were Xander & The Peace Pirates. The flame of passion was immediately to rise by Xander’s melodical, but also heavier suffrage. The absolute plain folly was his amazing bluesy and rockin’six-string-therapies with his hook at his right hand with a fixed guitar pick. They were to set fire amongst the freaks by “Dance With The Devil” and “Dancing In The Light”.


Black Star Riders were to continue the legacy of modern hard rock and off course one band specially THIN LIZZY! By iconic axeman Scott Gorham there is still one original member of the famous TL line-up in the band. Front-shouter Ricky Warwick did a hellacious job by his powerful vocals. From the very start there was the theme of “All Hell Breaks Loose”. The lord of the pandemoinium and all freaks were ever so full of grace. By their thunderous end-applause it was ever so nice to state “The Boys Are Back In Town”.



Many of the older blues-gods are struggling by health problems, so it is absolutely amazing that young blues-men and women continue their legacy. Laurence Jones as one of them was to glance next at the packed tent-stage by his mix from British blues to Texas, Chicago & American Blues. He was escorted by his young fantastic band-mates. The tent was on fire. The creative lightshow did its hoodoo additionally and the ambience was like “Touch Your Moonlight”. Keep an eye on the tour itinary of Laurence Jones, there’s still some stunning live-shows around in July & August in Holland and Belgium!


Bløf again on the main stage was to celebrate good old Netherland Rock with melodious pop buckshots. Ideal sounds for a summer-afternoon dance celebration.


Vintage Trouble were to celebrate their Holy Mass of blessed blues- / hard-rock- / soul- & funk-mélange consecutively on the big open air stage. Nalle Colt on virtuoso lead-guitar and the power rhythm section of Rick Barrio Dill on bass and Richard Danielson on drums did hell of a job, but the master sermonizer Ty Taylor was to “Strike Your Light”.


Unbelievable how athletic he was dancing wildly on stage, jumping highly, even audience-sky-diving secured by the fans-arms and hands and on top singing from powerfully to sensitive by heavenly grace. No feet were still and the ground was shakin’ by good “Rollin” Vibrations. Vintage Trouble could have played still Till Dawn by their passion and thunderous fans-reactions.


Delv!s from Belgium was a special affair for all lovers of soul and funk.


The Pretenders and specially their charismatic front-lady Chrissie Hynde were to put a spell on the freaks by their musical, magical mix of heavy punk’n, bluesin’ rock’n roll from the very start of “Alone”. Vowie, Lady Hynde wore a Motörhead-shirt and Lemmy and also Lou Reed were definitely watchin’ from heaven and enjoying the show by a Jacky-Coke, haha…


By the highlight “Thumbelina” no feet were standing still and the Tex-Mex-Rock’n Roll spread its special charm. By the punkin’ strutter “Midlle Of The Road” The Pretenders bid farewell to Bospop festival by heavy end-fans-applause.


Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown from Nashville were a delight specially for all freaks of hard- and featuring by sound heavy buckshots of southern- and blues-rock. Their absolute highlights were their interpretation of “Got My Mojo Workin’ in a wild new musical conglomerate and “Lipstick Wonder Woman” praising the Delta Blues by playing on a dobro-guitar some slide-extravaganza.


Beth Hart was to illuminate the big stage proverbially by her musical fireworks by a non-plus-ultra mix from bluesy, jazzy to rockin’ repertoire. Lady Beth kicked ass and looked damn hot by her stage-outfit in a sexy burlesque-top and silky, black pant ornamented by crane & flower-design. By the very first chords of her opener “Let’s Get Together” the sparkle of enthusiasm between her and the devotees was to jump over. By John Nichols she had her longtime axeman escorting her. By the live-interpretation of “Fire On The Floor” as title song of her latest cd, Lady Hart was to explode vocally by singing it powerfully out loud. Absolutely sizzling was the blues-jazzy burlesque “Jazz Man”. The absolute highlight of the show was her interpretation of “I’d Rather Go Blind”.


Beth Hart absolutely manifested by play-joy, glory and passion why she is one of the most charismatic female blues-rockin’ singers of the universe. Beth Hart and her fans at Bospop 2017 demonstrated in unity and force why she loves and is beloved in Holland!


As the Allman Brothers Band is no more, specially by the death of their iconic front leader Gregg Allman – R.I.P. and The Black Crowes are set on vacation– The Magpie Salute continue the celebration and praise of good ole’ Southern Rock. By Rich Robinson, Mark Ford on guitars and Sven Pipien on bass three former Crowes are in The Salute. John Hogg as charismatic lead-shouter sang his soul out to keep the devil away from his blessed soul. The set contained of course many Crowes songs, like “Black Moon Creepin” piced up by the backgound female vocals of the three graces, but also solo-artist songs like “Shalimar Dreams”. The Magpie Salute turned the auditorium into a tent-tollhouse.


Doe Maar was to conclude the festival as headliner by their mélange of pop with dutch lyrics and reggae & caribic inspirations. A colourful and creative light-show was to effect additionally summer-vibrations.

Enchanting Day 1 of Bospop 2017 was over!

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