Bospop 2016
9 & 10 juli 2016

Bospop 2016 was a festival for music lovers for all different styles and by the stunning line-up there were also many bands to spot or to rediscover. Petrus – The Weather God was utmost good humored and so it was a real sunny and well-tempered festival-weekender. The freaks who were to stream in masses were celebrating a hellish hot, peaceful day and night party.

By Markus Hagner, Markus Hagner Photography.

Midas and band-friends was having the honor to open on the big, main-stage and was immediately getting the action started by his hooky pop-rock. Next were the local protagonists from Weert – rock band Vido who were joined by the orchestra Sint Antonius. A real first top-notch on the second stage in the huge tent. From the very first tunes all the sixties and seventies music devotees were attracted to celebrate a sensational show by the theme of Joe Cocker meets Procol Harum.


Next were Eisbrecher from Bavaria on the main-stage. Their afternoon show was the first deal for all metal fans. Their front-man Alexander „Alexx“ Wesselsky was really charismatic by his voice and the excellent musicians performed hot electro-metallic grooves.
DeWolff was manifesting next why they are one of the hookiest live blues-rock-bands from Holland with a psychedelic and stoner attitude. Pablo van de Poel on guitars and vocals, Luka van de Poel on drums and keyboarder Robin Piso jammed the wild, ecstatic style and proved that they are great virtuosos on their instruments. The tent was set on fire by interpretations of “Black Cat Woman” and “Sugar Moon”. All blues-rock-maniacs got gloomy eyes by such a fiery performance and their end-applause was a thunderous loud-blast.


The Waterboys were to put a magic spell on the Bospop fans by their mix of Scottish and Irish folk-rock. Their charismatic front-leader and mastermind Mike Scott was ever so powerful on vocals and the fiddle-solos by Steve Wickham were a delight, specially by “Fisherman’s Blues”. For many of the spectators one of the unexpected highlights of the whole festival, so their end-applause was their grace and merit to the marvelous “The Waterboys”. The beautiful, charming Maria Mena from Norway was to enchant next in the tent by her combination of a heart-warming musical mélange of northern and southern pop-spirits. Flogging Molly were to spread the Irish Spirit of Punk-Folk-Rock, with a shot of softer pop on the main-stage as following attraction. The pogo-dancers were immediately called to duty and they loved to bang and sing along to the rhythms like “Drunken Lullabies”.



It was finally time for blues-rock again and no one else than the re-strengthened Walter Trout was to earthquake the tent as highlight of day1. The spirit of B.B. King was in the house by “Say Goodbye To The Blues”. Oh no fear Walter was not to stop as blues-artist, he was to praise it. His ever so versatile six-string-extravagances from heavy to sensitive were a pure delight for the ears and also the top eye-catcher for all axe-maniacs.



By Sammy Avila as Hammond wizard, Michael Leisure as drum-manimal and Johnny Griparic as groove-monster on bass he had phenomenal musical companions again escorting him. Additional vocals and harmony guitar were contributed also by Dutch legendary singer and guitar-technician Andrew Elt by the absolute highlight grand final “Love That We Once Knew”. A sensitive song-end of a way too short, but glorious festival-show. Walter Trout would have deserved to play normally on the main-stage, perhaps next year!


The Cranberries featuring the emanations of her front-lady Dolores O’Riordan were to enthuse the crowd by live-versions of their most popular songs like “Salvation” and “Zombie”. It was ever so hot in the tent, so Sharon Kovacs, did not appear with her photogenic imitation fur-hat-coat. By her dark voice and her mix of soul and r&b, she was to vow and she will definitely continue the legacy as younger diva if genre-goddess Grace Jones will retire. Seal was the headliner for all party lovers of soul with a buckshot of electro- and rap-elements. He started his set by his hit “Crazy” and the spark was to vault immediately to his fans, not only by his singing and dancing utmost often in direct contact to his fans at the stage-ramp. The electro elements were integrated live by the two d-jays, one of them was contributing some guitar artistry which contributed a natural live-flair. The crowd and specially the ladies in the rows had hot fun in the starting night.



Selah Sue from Belgium with her excellent huge live band was continuing the soulful atmosphere in the tent consecutively from the very start of “Alone”. No feet were standing still, hot dancing of the nocturnal lovers was going on. The integration of reggae-vibes was enthralling additionally. By the beats of “Piece Of Mind” the extravaganza soul-floor party had a triumphal end. Germany’s ever youthful “Fräulein-Wunder” Nena had the honor of concluding the first day of Bospop 2016. Her live-show was by the theme of “Oldschool”. She excited and put a spell, not only her many German fans which had come over to Weert for her show, but also on all Dutch attenders from the start of her first track “Genau Jetzt”. The lady looked rockin’ hot in her black leather-denim outfit and she had a hooky live-band with background-lady singers with her. She presented a cool mix of old and new tracks in a modern sound integrating also some rap- and hip-hop vibes. Off course tracks like “Willst Du Mit Mir Gehn” “Leuchturm” and off course her super-hit ”99 Luftballons” were rounding up the party besides a very creative light-show and superb sound. By the meditative, very personal song “In Meinem Leben” she was bidding farewell for this night to her hyper-pleased fans by “Peace & Love”.
A great day one of Bospop 2016 was over.



Day 2 started by a blues-devotion by CC Smugglers from Great Britain to hail Southern Roots Blues. Keep your eyes on them. The spirit of Johnny Cash was in the tent next by the devotional performance of the stunning Def Americans. The guys and lady from Eindhoven were not a mere copy, they were integrating their own singing- and playing-style. What a glory-performance on this early Sunday morning. Trixie Whitley was to persuade as following artist on the main-stage by her singer-/songwriter songs with rocking elements. The Howlin’ as relatively new Dutch formation were to attract new fans by their blend of rock & funk with a bluesy touch.


The Counting Crows from San Francisco, California were for the masses an unexpected culmination next on the big stage. Their melancholic mix of folk-rock with west-coast elements was to spread their magic on the Bospop ground, very convenient to the sunny summer atmosphere and temperature. Their vibrancy front-man with the great voice and the rastafariety dreadlock-hair-pride – Adam Duritz – was easily and successfully animating the crowd to sing along and clap to the beautiful songs like “Scarecrow” or “Palisades Park”. Gigantic end-applause was the fans-grace to The Counting Crows.


From country music capital Nashville it was not time for such music, but for passionate blues-rock with a psychedelic, vintage touch by SIMO next in the tent. Spiritual highlight by the magical, strong vocals of JD and guitar-solos was “Let Love Show The Way”. Elvis Costello next was to rock the ground by support of his great band The Imposters. The fire between fans and Elvis was to flame immediately by the very first tunes of “Pump It Up”. Elvis was really going kind of wild by the poignant “I Want You” by which he proved that he is also a great, varied axeman.



Germany’s show cowboys No.1 The Boss Hoss were to hoodoo by their mix of country-rock with modern whiskey- & beer-shots. The lead-guys Boss Burns & Hoss Power were to agitate the wild style to keep the devil away from their blessed souls. The ladies in the tent were eagerly hot on them and would have loved to have them as their private dancers in their nightly séparée, haha… The main thing was anyhow the music and specially Malcolm „Hank Williamson“ Arison on harp & mandolin and Russ T. Rocket on lead-guitars were virtuosos by their solos. Definite highlight of the show was the cover-versionof “Jolene”, featuring very special guest Ilse De Lange of The Common Linnets. The Tijuana Wonderbrass as horn-section were spicin’ up the sound additionally. “Bullpower” was in the house. The end-applause for the “Dos Bros” was like a hurricane.


The show of The Mavericks was like a live-performance of a movie-soundtrack. Hooky country-rock with even ska and tex-mex tequila shots was to open up this warm Sunday evening festival evening musically in glorious style like being in a Quentin Tarantino movie. It was finally metal- and guitar-maniacs time again by the axe-shred-sorcerer Steve Vai. Steve was really manifesting by his solos how “Over The Rainbow” his guitar-artistry is live, but he was not over-excessive by them, he was integrating several very melodic and sensitive solos, specially by “Whispering A Prayer” where he was escorted by second guitar master Dave Weiner. This show anybody who missed it on the ground made a big mistake as it was the top-extravagance of day 2. The end applause was like a drummer’s serenade in the jungle. The metal and hard-rock fans were getting a bit short in 2016, perhaps some more groupsas diversification for 2017…


Santana was next as headliner on the big stage. He started after the “Woodstock-Intro” by “Soul Sacrifice”. The masses were cheering by joy immediately from the very first chords. By “Fillmore East”; “Love Makes The World Go Round” and ”Freedom in your mind”he was alsoperforming songs from his anticipated new cd “Santana IV”. His live-band was stunning, but Europe would have loved to see him re-united live with the line-up of the cd, specially with Neal Schon on second guitars and Hammond wizard Gregg Rolie. The rhythm-plays were really extraordinary and an amusement, specially also as there was Carlos wife Cindy Blackman-Santana as drummer. She was ever so hot and versatile by her stick-extrordinary. It was a best of live program otherwise and “Black Magic Woman” and Santana’s solos were risin’ applause-storms amongst the audience.

Ks’ Choice the band from Belgium headlined by brother and sister Bettens was to rock the tent afterwards by their highly dynamic rock with melodic, but also stormy desert-like elements. They came, they conquered the hearts of new fans and satisfied their old devotees. Their Bospop show 2016 was a fiery, stormy blast. Kensington were the dignified final Dutch headliner of Bospop 2016. Their mixture of rock, with alternative and progressive elements was to ensorcell on the main stage, escorted by a utmost creative light show and crystal-clear sound. The crowd was going wild a last time and was to take a lieu in care of Kensington.

Bospop 2016 was over. What hell of a great two summer festival days with starry bands*****
CU @ Bospop 2017!






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