Bospop 2015
Weert Noord
Day 1 – 11 Juli

Tekst en foto’s: Markus Hagner, Markus Hagner Photography.

There is and was one weekend in July absolutely worthwile for music-lovers worldwide to visit Weert in the province of Dutch Limburg out of one iconic festival as reason – BOSPOP. The line-up just was sensational again featuring all sound-styles; from classic-, blues- , alternative- , pop- to progressive rock and heavy metal. Bands and fans were to troop in masses again with their exclusive night-liners, limousines or simply national trains to celebrate together a hell of a peaceful party at Bospop 2015!

The honor to open day one on the big stage was for Navarone from Nijmegen. Their alternative rock was to enthuse the crowd. Merijn van Haren was the great animator with his power-voice and he loved to dance wildly over the huge stage. Guitarists Kees Lewiszong and Roman Huijbreghs were to duel with their axes with their solos with a desert-stoner-rock attitude. The perfect start on a beautiful, sunny summer Saturday.


It was really gettin’ heavy in the big tent by Luminize. The four pretty Croatian girls were to kick-ass by their energy rock and by loud-blast they played by decibels like a starting starfighter. Their most acclaimed song was “Get It Back”. By the charm and triumphal end applause they are definitely welcome again for a new power-blast show!


Next Racoon were hailed on the main stage. They really get a beloved band institution at Bospop, as it was the third time in a row that they were in the line-up. Their opener “Brick By Brick” was ideal for lovers to enjoy the summer wind. Bart van der Weide was to captivate by his soulful, sweet voice. They had for this show specially added a brass-section to join them on stage to spice up with some funk. By “Liverpool Rain” they were to terminate their set very poignant. The fans loved them and the phenomenal end-applause by their stand-out was their merit.


Finally it was time for hooky blues-rock with Layla Zoe from Canada. She was starting by an enchanting Gospel A Capella intro with her extraterrestrial voice before her band set in for “I Choose You”. They immediately blues-rocked the dynamite way and virtuoso guitar man Jan Laacks was letting his baby howl and whisper… By “Singing My Blues” as third track Zoe was to wave her beautiful, long hair in the stage light and her voice was exploding the most phenomenal way. Bv Absolute magical highlight was “It’s A Man’s, Man’s World” in reminiscence of James Brown in a long jam-version. Layla Zoe praised the Blues!


Anastacia was surprising by her very much hard-rockin’ versions of her hits “Left Outside Alone” & “Paid My Dues”. She was styled very naturally, no big make-up which was very likeable. She declared several times her big passion for her fans. Some die-hard fans from Spain had extra travelled for her to the festival, what a devotion. A granted her fantastic band free-space to pan out their skills, specially her guitarist by his riff-solos. By “I’m Outta Love” Anastacia concluded a hooky gig.


Rory Gallagher was by his spirit in the tent for the Irish-Dutch three-guys unity of Band Of Friends. BOF started by “Cradle Rock” and the rhythm aces of Gerry McAvoy and Ted McKenna played some dynamite grooves which made the fire of passion to sparkle immediately between the musicians and fans. Marcel Scherpenzeel proved what hell of a guitar wizard he is whilst “Philby”, playing his solos singing his own kind of way, not only a mere copy of Rory’s unique starry style. The freaks in the packed tent agitated as hellhound background-choir. Extraterrestrial top was the version of “Bad Penny”. Band Of Friends kicked out the jams!


Melissa Etheridge had during her career many highlights, but when she suffered the diagnosis of cancer this was definitely her worst and most shocking down lifetime-point. But Lady Etheridge is and was by the grace of God a fighter and is since over 10 years cancer-free and hopefully will remain so till the end of her worship. When she entered the main stage to start by “If I Wanted To” she really looked fantastic and her voice was so wonderful and amazingly powerful. Her current tour-band was fantastic and intensifying the musical show. Melissa was ever appearing so simpatico live and “I Wanted To Come Over” was her gesture of love like a walk into the auditorium. By festival her show-time was limited, so with the hammer hits “Bring Me Some Water” and by the extravaganza conclusion “Like The Way I Do” she rocked. She manifested her guitar-playing artistry and in the middle she was stunningly in the mood for joining her drummer for a twosome solo. The freaks were blazed and made her so hot by action and applause that the got so wild to tear off her strings from her acoustic guitar to give them away as souvenirs. Melissa Etheridge – Innovative & Stronger Than Ever!


Fish was celebrating the Marillion master-opus “Misplaced Childhood” live consecutively. It got hot-blooded, sweaty and humid in the tent. The voice of Derek William Dick was in great shape and he was in most excellent mood. Most anticipated live song this afternoon was “Kayleigh” with its sing-along refrains. He concluded his gig with his fantastic band by “Market Square Heroes”. Fish loved to excite live Holland again!


Gary Clark Jr. from one of America’s music capitals Austin was to commemorate his modern blues-rock afterwards on the big stage. He started with “Bright Lights” this late afternoon and the heat was immediately on highest level by these blues-rock riffs with a funky rhythm. The canto of Gary was very soulful. By his extended guitar duets the Mississippi or Chicago style with King Zapata guitar the fans got gloomy eyes. “3 O’Clock Blues” was Gary’s tribute to the unforgettable Monarch Of The Blues – B.B. King. Blues musicians and devotees miss him so much, but grace to exceptional artist like Gary his legacy continues. By the boogie-blues-rocker “Don’t Owe You A Thang” terminated his starry show by triumphal applause. He could have played on by the gusto of the blues-freaks for hours.



Novastar from Belgium played an electrifying, very intense show by their unique singer-songwriter rock next on the second stage. Joost Zweegers proved his exceptional talent skills on vocals, acoustic guitar and keyboards.

Ed Kowalczyk was to enthuse next on the big stage by the uprising darkness. He started by “All Over You” from his former band Live. He was the charismatic singer and guitarist, surrounded by a stunning band. Absolute culminations were the songs “The Dolphin’s Cry” & “Heaven”. The show was terminated by thunderous applause and the meditative “Overcome”.



Miss Caro Emerald called her fans to the tent afterwards and they appeared numerously to celebrate a hot summer party by the cool vibes. No foot stood still and everybody was dancing specially to her biggest hit “A Night LikeThis”.

As headliner for Saturday Night it was time for the three bearded guys, the “Little ‘Ol Band From Texas” – ZZ Top. The flame of passion was to burn immediately by the opening boogiefyer “Got Me Under Pressure”. Dusty Hill was the bass monster by “Waitin’ For The Bus” which melted over in to the blues “Jesus Just Left Chicago” with some finest string-prayers by the blues-preacher Billy Gibbons. Without graciousness the hot-rod riffs were boosting out of the speakers, specially whilst “Pincushion” and “Cheap Sunglasses”. Frank Beard was hardly to see on his impressive drum-kit. He was playing like being a little bored and just doin’ business as usual. Only when Billy gave him a special introduction by “Give the drummer a little bit right about now!” he was showing off his skills by a little solo. The regular set end was approaching by speedy race- time and by “Legs”. The hipster would have been some “Butt Naked Long Legged Girls” on stage, haha… But the Texas boys were well-behaved, no Midnite-Special… By a loud-blast of applause ZZT returned to the stage to play their hell-songs “La Grange” & Tush”. The grooves turned the field of Bospop to a dynamite tollhouse. Extreme head-banging and hopping was the inspiration, besides singing as nosferatu-choir for the maniacs. The three Texicalis were so overwhelmed and impressed by the devilish applause that they played one of their rare second live encores – “Sixteen Tons”, hell yeah. With gloomy eyes the pleased vampires were streaming into the night searching for victims in the shiny night or just going to sleep in their coffins.

A phenomenal summer day one of Bospop 2015 was over!

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