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Dutch blues-rockers and winners of the 2012 Dutch Blues Foundation Award for Best Dutch Blues Band have been setting fire to international stages for no fewer than 32(!) years. Last year alone has seen them firing away in, amongst others, Spain, Norway, Switzerland and at the legendary Harvest Time Blues Festival in Ireland. That is why the title of their new studio album has been so aptly chosen: ‘Heart on Fire’, which is exactly what they have been doing all these years, setting hearts on fire.

On their 9th studio album the Masters of Rock Rollin Blues have like never before succeeded in translating the steamingly hot energy of their live shows into a brilliant studio sound.

‘Heart on Fire’ contains 10 infectious Juke Joints originals. The rhythm section, consisting of drummer and vocalist Peter Kempe and bass player Derk Korpershoek, provides their customary fireproof foundation, Michel Staat steers his guitar increasingly outside oft-trodden paths and Sonnyboy van den Broek continuously pokes up the fire with his tighter than tight harmonica prowess. The Dr Ross classic Cat’s Squirrel and crowd favourite-to-be Funny Little Valentine, penned by Australian rockabilly singer/guitarist Louis King, receive the passionate, greasy Juke Joints treatment and seamlessly fit in the coherence of the album.”

The album was recorded in the Westmaas Studios in Holland and was produced by René van Broekhoven and The Juke Joints. It includes guest appearances by Roland Bakker (Julian Sas Band) on piano & keyboards and Ben van den Dungen on saxophone. It will be released in all of Europe by CRS.


JUKE JOINTS – Heart On Fire

Label: Continental Record Services (CRS)
Release: mid-February 2015


01. Heart On Fire
02. You Got Me Where You Want Me
03. All Over Again
04. One More Time
05. Hooked
06. Cat’s Squirrel
07. Russian Roulette
08. Nataly
09. Stop Foolin My Heart
10. Bootsy
11. Funny Little Valentine
12. You’re Allright

The Jukejoints online: http://www.thejukejoints.com/

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