Making their Severn Records debut, the Fabulous Thunderbirds mark a new beginning with On the Verge, a departure for the blues rockers as they explore their soulful side. Front front man Kim Wilson notes, ”we’re defining our own genre.” With On the Verge the T-Birds have crafted a fresh sound, one that’s sure to satisfy diehard fans while bringing new blood into the fold of the band’s faithful legion.

The Fabulous Thunderbirds - On the Verge

The Fabulous Thunderbirds – On the Verge

Label: Severn Records
Release: 19 March 2013

1. I Want To Believe
2. Lovin’ Time
3. Too Much Water
4. Hold Me
5. Runnin’ From The Blues
6. Do You Know Who I Am?
7. Got To Bring It With You
8. That’s The Way We Roll
9. Diamonds Won’t Kiss You Back
10. Lonely Highway

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