The Cash Box Kings – Hail To The Kings!
Format: CD
Label: Alligator Records
Releasedatum: 17 mei 2019

Alligator Records has set a May 17 release date for ‘Hail To The Kings!’, the dynamic new album from traditional blues innovators The Cash Box Kings. Co-led by real-deal Chicago blues vocalist and songwriter Oscar Wilson and Madison, Wisconsin-based songwriter, harmonica master and singer Joe Nosek, the band plays brilliantly raw and unvarnished houserocking blues. Wilson’s huge, gritty vocals and Nosek’s powerhouse harmonica fuel their razor-sharp original songs.

Mixing tough Chicago and Delta blues, jumping proto-rock ‘n’ roll, and steamrolling “bluesabilly” (their original mix of Chicago blues and Memphis rockabilly), they attack every song they play with contemporary authority and old school authenticity. The extraordinary ensemble playing between Nosek, Wilson, guitarist Billy Flynn, bassist John W. Lauler, drummer Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith and their friend, pianist Queen Lee Kenehira, is a true force of nature.

01. Ain’t No Fun (When the Rabbit Got the Gun)
02. The Wine Talkin’
03. Take Anything I Can
04. Smoked Jowl Blues
05. Back Off
06. I’m The Man Down There
07. Poison In My Whiskey
08. Joe, You Ain’t From Chicago
09. Bluesman Next Door
10. Hunchin’ On My Baby
11. Jon Burge Blues
12. Sugar Daddy
13. The Wrong Number

Website: The Cash Box Kings