Chasing Shadows

There were a few stages in the conception of this album. End of 2016 a few days in The Villa resulted in 5 songs that touched all bounderies of the blues spectrum, and had influences of different musical alloy.
The way of writing music was a mixture of skill and feeling. A search for new sounds without compromising identity and personality. What followed was a process in which writing sessions in trio, individual composition and group rehearsals slowly paved the way to a coherent entity.
The content of the songs had a red wire that connected the versatile sounding musical content, and the concept was undeniable: Redemption through suffering and healing by insight.
The variegation in music – which was always one of the band’s strong qualities – translated to diversity in life’s events and opportunities aswell as the consequences of choice and faith. The songs show a matured band that explores a lot of blues related genres without sacraficing identity and signature sound, but reaching out to a broad and diverse audience.

The story behind the concept
A man finds himself in a terrible relationship and has to find his way out . He gets really downhearted when his newly found sweetheart gets killed, and the bad man gets a way. He makes himself a promise that the killer will be going down , and starts a quest of finding and killing the man. But than he gets haunted by demons , his conscience grows on him, and he learns that revenge doesn’t pay. He redeems himself and tries to have a better life . First he succeeds, but new love puts him again through the choice of loving or leaving .
Again he gets lost, this time not to kill, but to lower in society’s catacombs, where he gets to know the aftermath of war and poverty, resulting in death and human misery.
People with sealed souls , without future in life, giving romance for rent to get by. This ugly face of life forces him in a psycho state of mind . He relives his first relationship and all the betrayal that was connected to that. He also sees his son in his dreams, playing together in a playground. His dreams shatters when he breaks the Seesaw .
That’s the sign for him to give in. He finds peace in the end through the barrel of a gun.

We all have our demons, have been betrayed, lost , have been searching for a better life or found ourselves going down into a psycho mind. Romance for rent is not love, and sealed souls never find their way out. A seesaw is a symbol for balance between loving or leaving, betrayal or thrust. Finally we learn that we don’t now anything for sure and will be chasing shadows untill the end.

The BluesBones – Chasing Shadows
Format: CD
Label: Naked Records
Releasedatum: 23 maart 2018


01. Find My Way Out
02. Going Down
03. Demon Blues
04. A Better Life
05. Love Me Or Leave Me
06. Sealed Souls
07. Romance For Rent
08. Psycho Mind
09. Betrayal
10. Seesaw Blues
11. The End

Website: The BluesBones

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