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ZZ Top – Goin’ 50

28 april 2019|Categories: Releases|Tags: |

Packed with enough hits to fill a roadhouse jukebox, GOIN’ 50 spans the band’s entire musical career, from its 1969 debut, and its multi-platinum zenith during the Eighties, to its most-recent releases. This retrospective includes an array from each of the 15 studio albums that guitarist Billy Gibbons, drummer Frank Beard and bassist Dusty Hill have recorded since 1970. Two bonus tracks, “Salt Lick” and “Miller’s Farm” – a single and b-side respectively – were recorded in 1969 by the original incarnation of ZZ Top.

Concert Nieuws | ZZ TOP

15 december 2015|Categories: Nieuws|Tags: , |

Op 27 juni volgend jaar komt het legendarische Texaanse rocktrio ZZ Top met hun Europese Hell Raisers Tour naar de Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. De kaartverkoop voor dit concert begint aanstaande vrijdag 18 december om 10.00 uur via Ticketmaster.

Billy Gibbons – Perfectamundo, debut solo album from ZZ Top guitarist/vocalist

24 augustus 2015|Categories: Nieuws, Releases|Tags: , |

Concord Records is releasing Perfectamundo on October 23, 2015. It’s the debut solo album from Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top guitarist/vocalist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, who is backed by a handpicked group of musicians dubbed The BFG’s on this unique outing. As the title may suggest, the album takes on a bit of an Afro-Cuban flavor that may come as a surprise to some Gibbons fans and followers.

Recensie: ZZ TOP – La Futura

15 september 2012|Categories: Recensies|Tags: , |

Ook al krijg je het idee dat de meer dan 40 jaar oude ZZ Top zich met de titel van de nieuwe CD naar de toekomst richt, het tegendeel is waar; 10 songs ouderwets terug naar de helden van toen met hun Bluesrock waarvan ik die hele poppenkast nog steeds voor lief neem.

Release : ZZ TOP – LA FUTURA

9 augustus 2012|Categories: Releases|Tags: |

The first new studio album from ZZ Top in nine years is LA FUTURA, set for release September 11 by American Recordings. The album harks back to the hallmark raw sound of the band's formative years and will, inevitably, be considered a return to form on multiple levels. LA FUTURA, produced by Rick Rubin and Billy F Gibbons, the band’s guitarist/singer, finds the legendary group infusing the newly recorded work with the electric blues/roots approach that typified ZZ Top's earliest work while, at the same time, reaching for new sonic horizons. At its fundament, this is the incarnation of the band whose influence resonates today with such artists as The Black Keys, Jack White, Queens of the Stone Age and many others.