Various Artists
Songs Of Slim

Label: New West/Warner Music
Release datum: 13 januari 2014

Bob ‘Slim’ Dunlap was gitarist van The Replacements, een van de beste bands ooit. Daarnaast maakte hij een paar sublieme soloplaten. Februari 2012 kreeg hij een ernstige beroerte en zoals dat in Amerika gaat, dan is er geen afdoende verzekering. Dus schoten muzikale vrienden hem te hulp en begonnen singletjes te maken die per opbod verkocht werden. Die nummers zijn nu verzameld op Songs For Slim – Rockin Here Tonight: A Benefit Compilation For Slim Dunlap. The Replacements, Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Jakob Dylan, Jeff Tweedy zijn een handvol bekende namen. Maar ook de onbekendere goden zijn top met hun interpretaties van de Slim-muziek. Twee CD’s met heel goede muziek voor een heel goed doel.


Disc One: The 45s

1. The Replacements – Busted Up
2. Chris Mars – Radio Hook Word Hit
3. Steve Earle – Times Like This
4. Craig Finn & Friends – Isn’t It
5. Lucinda Williams – Partners In Crime
6. Tommy Keene – Nowheres Near
7. The Minus 5 Feat. Curtiss A. – Rockin Here Tonight
8. Tim O’Reagan & Jim Boquist – Cozy
9. Jakob Dylan – Ain’t No Fair (In A Rock ‘N’ Roll Love Affair)
10. Joe Henry – Taken On The Chin
11. John Doe – Just For The Hell Of It
12. Deer Tick + Scott Lucas + Vanessa Carlton – From The Git Go
13. Frank Black & The Suicide Commandos – The King & Queen
14. You Am I – Ain’t Exactly Good
15. Patterson Hood – Hate This Town
16. The Young Fresh Fellows – Loud Loud Loud Loud Guitars
17. Jeff Tweedy – The Ballad Of The Opening Band
18. Lucero – From The Git Go

Disc Two: Unreleased Bonus Tracks

1. Peter Holsapple – Laugh It Up (it’s all a big joke anyway)
2. John Eller – Girlfiend
3. Soul Asylum – Little Shiva’s Song
4. The Young Fresh Fellows – Slim’s Place
5. Bee, Louie & Brien – Two By Two
6. Chris Mars – When I Fall Down
7. Chan Poling – Chrome Lipstick
8. Frankie Lee – Times Like This
9. LP.ORG – The Ballad Of The Opening Band
10. The West Saugerties Ale & Quail Club Feat. Jon Sebastian – Love Lost

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DUNLAP COLLECTS A YEAR’S WORTH OF TRACKS FROM THE REPLACEMENTS, JEFF TWEEDY, LUCINDA WILLIAMS, STEVE EARLE, FRANK BLACK AND MANY MORE FOR TWO-DISC SET DUE JANUARY 13, 2014 BONUS DISC FEATURES PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED SONGS FROM SOUL ASYLUM, THE YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS, PETER HOLSAPPLE AND OTHERS When guitarist Slim Dunlap suffered a debilitating stroke last year, the music community rallied around him and came to his aid. His former band The Replacements reformed and headed into the studio in support of their old friend. The resulting session, the Songs For Slim EP, consisting of five covers, including two of Slim’s songs, was released in January of this year as a limited edition auction-only 10-inch record and propelled a nearly year long project to help pay forSlim’s long term medical care. The initial EP was followed by a monthly auction-only 7-inch series featuring musicians like Jeff Tweedy, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Frank Black, Craig Finn and John Doe covering songs from Slim’s two post-Replacements solo records, The Old New Me and Times Like This. Songs For Slim – Rockin Here Tonight: A Benefit Compilation For Slim Dunlap, will be released January, 13 on New West Records and compiles all the inspired and eclectic Slim covers from the series into a two-disc album with a second disc of previously unreleased bonus material from The Jayhawks’ pseudonymous LP.ORG, Soul Asylum, The Young Fresh Fellows, Peter Holsapple (The dB’s) and more. The compilation features a cover painted by Slim’s former bandmate turned acclaimed artist Chris Mars and a 16-page booklet complete with liner notes by original Replacements manager Peter Jesperson who has spearheaded the project. Disc one kicks off with the first song from The Replacements’ Songs for Slim EP, “Busted Up,” and includes all tracks released on the seven limited run double A-side 7-inches as well as the Record Store Day exclusive 7-inch that paired The Minus Five featuring Curtiss A on one side and Tim O’Reagan and Jim Boquist on the other.

The second disc features 10 additional tracks, anchored by seven more Slim covers – including the unreleased “Two By Two,” done here by his son Louie, daughter Bee and longtime bandmate Brien Lilja. Also featured are two songs written for Slim – “Slim’s Place,” a rockin’ little ditty the Young Fresh Fellows whipped up in the same session as their other track for Songs For Slim, and “When I Fall Down,” written and recorded by Chris Mars shortly after he heard about the stroke. Finally, there’s “Love Lost,” an obscure James Burton instrumental that was covered by Slim on his first solo record, The Old New Me. Here it’s done by The West Saugerties Ale And Quail Club, with their Woodstock neighbor, legendary harmonica player John Sebastian of The Lovin’ Spoonful. On November 1, Slim celebrates one year at home, under the care of his family. Slim’s wife Chrissie Dunlap says: “His comfort has been interrupted by many trips to the hospital, but his will to live is strong. His mantra is ‘Fight, fight, fight.’ All of us who love him are fighting with, and for, him. His strength, along with the love and support of so many wonderful friends and fans, has kept him going. Slim is so grateful for the Songs For Slim project and takes great joy in listening to his songs performed by some of his favorite musicians and friends. The revenue from the project has saved us from financial ruin, enabled us to hire nursing help and therapists, and helped to make him as comfortable as possible. Slim and the family send

our love and gratitude to New West and everyone involved in the project, and everyone who bought a song for Slim. Special thanks to our long time friend, Peter Jesperson, who worked tirelessly to produce Songs for Slim, and to whom we are eternally grateful.” To date the non-profit Songs For Slim project has help raise raised nearly $200,000 for Slim who was left bed-ridden by the stroke – paralyzed on his left side, unable to swallow and very frail. All proceeds have gone, and continue to go, towards assisting Slim and his family with the significant expenses related towards his long-term care. Fore more information or to see how you can help, visit

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