Shawn Colvin And Steve Earle - Colvin And Earle

The Grammy award winning musicians Shawn Colvin and Steve Earle have joined forces and are releasing an album together later this year, produced by Buddy Miller. The album entitled Colvin & Earl is set to be released June 10, 2016. The duo have a long history together. Over two decades ago, Shawn Colvin recorded a cover of Steve Earle’s song “Someday,” which sparked a long journey of mutual appreciation. In 1987, Colvin and Earle finally performed together onstage in Northampton, Massachusetts. In recent years, the pair have performed at each other’s gigs, playing various different instruments. Along with a new album set for release in June 2016, Shawn Colvin and Steve Earle are also going on tour, hitting up various states across America and elsewhere around the world. So far, the duo have released one single, titled “You’re Right (I’m Wrong)”, listen below. The country rock ballad showcases the duo’s marvelous harmony, and provides listeners with a taste for what is to come.

Shawn Colvin And Steve Earle – Colvin And Earle

Format: Standard edition / Deluxe edition / LP
Label: Fantasy
Release date: 10 June 2016

Bestel CD | Bestel Deluxe Edition | Bestel LP

1. Come What May
2. Tell Moses
3. Tobacco Road
4. Ruby Tuesday
5. The Way That We Do
6. Happy & Free
7. You Were on My Mind
8. You’re Right (I’m Wrong)
9. Raise the Dead
10. You’re Still Gone

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
11. Someday
12. That Don’t Worry Me Now
13. Baby’s in Black

Colvin & Earle – Come What May (with interview)

Colvin & Earle – Happy & Free

Colvin & Earle – You’re Still Gone (with interview)

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