After the top 5 success of ‘Man From Another Time‘ this 7 track limited edition mini-album is Seasick Steve’s alternative Valentines gift. ‘Elisabeth’ is Steve’s wife of 20+ years and this is a collection of the love songs ‘for Elisabeth’ from Steve’s previous albums plus a brand new track ‘Ready For Love’.

This will be a limited edition released just before Valentines day with the intention being it’s bought as a gift for a loved one. The artwork has been specially adapted to be card like with space to write who it’s sent to and from. Steve himself has written the greeting…

“Real bad luck
That’s the cards in my hand
The only ace I’ve ever drawn
Is when you let me be Your lovin’ man”

Seasick Steve – “Songs For Elizabeth”
CD | Label: Atlantic | Release Date : Feb 08, 2010

1. 8 Ball
2. Walkin Man
3. My Donny
4. Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
5. Just Like A King
6. My Home (Blue Eyes)
7. Ready For Love

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