Savoy Brown – City Night
Format: CD – Vinyl – Digital
Label: Quarto Valley Records
Releasedatum: 7 juni 2019

Savoy Brown fans might be the luckiest fans in the world. No other blues rock act alive today has delivered so much excellent music for so long, and the group shows no signs of slowing down. Their legacy of the godfather of British blues-rock continues with the 2019 release of ‘City Night,’ the band’s 40th album, on the California label Quarto Valley Records.
From the aggressive swagger of the opener “Walking on Hot Stones,” the album is an adventure through 12 blistering tracks of scorching guitar, unrelenting rhythms from bassist Pat DeSalvo and drummer Garnet Grimm, and the soul-weary but indomitable grit of Kim Simmonds’ vocals. Throughout, the bluesman who has seen more of the world than any 20 of his peers sorrows at the troubles of the modern era, as in the acerbic vocal and crystalline guitar of “Neighborhood Blues,” then defiantly commits to the struggle, as in the stomping Bo Diddley-esque “Hang in Tough,” before reveling in the joys the word still offers, as in the rollicking celebration of urban life of the title track “City Night.”
As Simmonds says in his endearing online diary, “Am I getting lazy in my old age? No, I’m not ever retiring! I’m on this train ‘till the end…..”

01. Walking On Hot Stones
02. Don’t Hang Me Out To Dry
03. Payback Time
04. Red Light Mama
05. Conjure Rhythm
06. Neighborhood Blues
07. Selfish World
08. Wearing Thin
09. City Night
10. Hang In Tough
11. Superstitious Woman
12. Ain’t Gonna Worry

Kim Simmonds: Guitar / Vocals
Pat DeSalvo: Bass
Garnet Grimm: Drums
All songs written by Kim Simmonds
All songs published by Savoy Brown Music,
administered by Records On The Wall
Producer: Kim Simmonds
Executive Producer: Bruce Quarto
Pre-Production Assistance: John Shelmet
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: Ben Elliott
Assistant Engineer: Dylan Cocozzo
Recorded in Dover, NJ at Showplace Studios
Project Coordination: Mike Carden

Website: Savoy Brown

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