Hollis Brown – Ozone Park

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New album from Queens, NY rockband out  June 7, 2019 on Cool Green Recordings. NY. On their new album Ozone Park, out on Cool Green Recordings on June 7, 2019, there's also a great deal of sophistication in the mix, rich melodicism and advanced harmonics that allow Hollis Brown -- yes, named after the Bob Dylan song -- to blend a wealth of influences into a distinctive sound. In other words: "Great songs but rock 'n' roll with the sound of 2019".

Southern Avenue – Keep On

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Memphis combo Southern Avenue sparked a one-band musical revolution, embodying an effortlessly organic soul/blues/R&B fusion that reflects the band members' diverse roots as well as their deep commitment to their chosen style. On their second album 'Keep On', set for release on May 10, 2019 via Concord Records, the dynamic outfit expands its gritty musical vision to embrace new musical challenges and a more expansive creative vision.

Ellis Mano Band – Here And Now

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With 'Here and Now', The Ellis Mano Band presents a rich tapestry of universal joy and sorrow. Every track is rich with perfectly chosen detail; tasteful Hammond B3, the sweet appeal of horns that reflect the blazing summer heat during which they were recorded, the background choirs that could have come directly in from Muscle Shoals.

Albert Castiglia – Masterpiece

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Gulf Coast Records is excited to announce the signing of Contemporary Blues Artist Albert Castiglia. Albert’s new release 'MASTERPIECE' was recorded with musician/producer Mike Zito. “Albert Castiglia is pure emotion. 'Masterpiece' is the pinnacle in a career that’s just taking form, it is his best and most personal work to date.

John Fairhurst – The Divided Kingdom

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London-based John Fairhurst makes heavy blues for heavy times. In equal parts revealing, vulgar, cathartic and thrilling, the virtuoso guitarist is channelling the discontent felt in the western world to pay tribute to – and to update – the very idea of rock n roll as protest music.

Robert Randolph & The Family Band – Brighter Days

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Robert Randolph and the Family Band announced today that they will release their new studio album, Brighter Days, on May 31st, 2019. A preorder for the album and a lyric video for the first single, “Second Hand Man”, are live as of today as well. Randolph chose to work with producer Dave Cobb on Brighter Days who is best known for his work with new country stars like Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Brandi Carlile, and Jason Isbell.

Norah Jones – Begin Again

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On April 12, nine-time GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter Norah Jones will release Begin Again, a collection of singles that gathers seven eclectic songs that Jones has recorded over the past year with collaborators including Jeff Tweedy and Thomas Bartlett.

Julian James – Silver Spade

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Everything about Julian James and his new album ‘Silver Spade’ shouts the love of traditional blues for all to hear. His style is rooted in the old-time acoustic strummers of a bygone era,andhe joins next generation artists such as Larkin Poe, Blind Boy Paxton and Pokey LaFarge in bringing authentic new voices to a style that has endured for 100 years. Release: 1 april 2019

Matt Perriment – Memos (EP)

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Het was een bijzonder jaar voor Matt Perriment. De in Londen gevestigde indiefolk artiest speelde festivals in het Verenigd Koninkrijk, tourde door Nieuw-Zeeland en verzorgde support voor o.a. Thomas Dybdahl, HAEVN en Nina June. De ervaringen die hij gedurende deze periode opdeed noteerde hij als memo's op zijn telefoon om ze vervolgens later te vertalen naar muziek. De songs die hieruit voortvloeiden worden nu gebundeld in een EP met de toepasselijke titel Memos.

Jon Bryant – Cult Classic

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In 2015 sloot Jon Bryant zich aan bij een sekte. In de korte tijd dat Bryant lid was deed hij inspiratie op voor zijn nieuwe album Cult Classic dat op 17 mei wordt uitgebracht via Nettwerk Music Group / V2 Records. De nieuwe single Did What I Did zet de toon voor het nieuwe album waarop Bryant deze korte, maar intense periode beschrijft. Releasedatum: 17 mei 2019 Label: V2 Records

Jeffrey Halford And The Healers – West Towards South

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Authentiek, funky, rustiek en rauw, dit is wat we horen op Jeffrey Halford’s nieuwe release 'West Towards South'. Dit is de fijnste verhalende Americana die het op het moment geeft. Poëtische storytelling gebracht met een authentiek stemgeluid, humeurige slide gitaren, organische drums kicks en vette baspartijen. Releasedatum: 19 april 2019