A fascinating new book with Ronnie Wood: HOW CAN IT BE? A ROCK & ROLL DIARY. The work is in production, and Ronnie Wood is creating some beautiful artworks to illustrate his words. More details will follow soon @ Genesis Publications

Ten years before he joined the Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood’s musical apprenticeship with The Birds catapulted him onto the stage of swinging London’s music scene, aged just seventeen.

“I suppose my own private world is in the diary.” – Ronnie Wood

Featuring a cast of characters including Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, Keith Moon, Marianne Faithfull and many more, the story of Ronnie’s adventures was handwritten in his 1965 diary. Inspired by its discovery 50 years later, Ronnie Wood presents his journal for the first time, plus much more in a major new book for 2015.

How Can It Be? A Rock & Roll Diary by Ronnie Wood
Ronnie Wood is creating a series of new sketches to be included in his new limited edition.

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