obin Trower - At The BBC 1973-1975

On February 15, 2011 EMI will release a two-CD set chronicling all of Robin Trower’s appearances on the BBC between 1973 and 1975.
Included are his first John Peel session from March 1973 along with later Peel appearances, sessions with Bob Harris and a complete BBC in Concert special from 1975.
The set includes all new liner notes by Malcolm Dome of Classic Rock magazine, including an interview with Trower.
The lineup of Trower’s band during this time had Robin on guitar, James Dewar on bass & vocals, and Reg Isidore on drums for the ’73 and ’74 sessions and Bill Lordan on drums in ’75.

Robin Trower at the BBC 1973-1975 is the most comprehensive collection to date of Robin Trower’s recordings for the BBC. From his first John Peel session in March 1973 whilst promoting his debut solo album for Chrysalis Records, ‘Twice Removed From Yesterday’, featuring ‘Man Of The World’, ‘Daydream’, ‘Sinners Song’ and the album’s title track, through recordings for Bob Harris including such classics as ‘Day Of The Eagle’ and ‘Alethea’, as well as two further sessions for John Peel. This 2 CD set is completed by a concert recorded for the BBC in January 1975, performing songs from his first three LPs, including breakthrough album Bridge Of Sighs and his then new album, For Earth Below.
All tracks have been included for their historical importance, and to present a complete anthology of Robin Trower’s BBC sessions from 1973-1975.

Track listing:

01. Twice Removed From Yesterday (John Peel Session)
02. Man Of The World (John Peel Session)
03. Daydream (John Peel Session)
04. Sinner’s Song (John Peel Session)
05. Day Of The Eagle (Bob Harris Session)
06. Little Bit Of Sympathy (Bob Harris Session)
07. Lady Love (Bob Harris Session)
08. Daydream (Bob Harris Session)
09. The Fool And Me (Bob Harris Session)
10. Alethea (Bob Harris Session)
11. Too Rolling Stoned (Bob Harris Session)
12. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (Bob Harris Session)
13. Bridge Of Sighs (John Peel Session)
14. In This Place (John Peel Session)
15. Alethea (John Peel Session)
16. Little Bit Of Sympathy (John Peel Session)

01. Fine Day (John Peel Session)
02. Confessing Midnight (John Peel Session)
03. It’s Only Money (John Peel Session)
04. Gonna Be More Suspicious (John Peel Session)
05. Day Of The Eagle (BBC In Concert)
06. Bridge Of Sighs (BBC In Concert)
07. Gonna Be More Suspicious (BBC In Concert)
08. Fine Day (BBC In Concert)
09. Lady Love (BBC In Concert)
10. Daydream (BBC In Concert)
11. Too Rolling Stoned (BBC In Concert)
12. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (BBC In Concert)
13. Alethea (BBC In Concert)
14. A Little Bit Of Sympathy (BBC In Concert)

Disc One
John Peel Session (26th March 1973)
Bob Harris Session (26th September 1973)
Bob Harris Session (20th February 1974)
John Peel Session (5th March 1974)

Disc Two
John Peel Session (28th January 1975)
BBC In Concert (29th January 1975)

Liner notes: Written by Malcolm Dome (Classic Rock/Metal Hammer) after interviewing Robin

Robin Trower: Guitar
James Dewar: Bass & Vocals
Reg Isidore: Drums (1973-1974)
Bill Lordan: Drums (1975)

Source: EMI records

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