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Popa Chubby NEW ALBUM! “Emotional Gangster”, March 18 worldwide Release on Dixiefrog Records

Every Popa Chubby record is an experience that will never be forgotten. In his latest offering “Emotional Gangster” set for worldwide release March 18, 2022 on the prestigious Dixiefrog label, the Bronx native shows us an emotional side; even though he never lets go of the fire that makes him a star. Timeless classics, like Elmore James’ “Dust My Broom” and Willie Dixon’s “Hoochie Coochie Man, set this 11 track offering deep in the blues The real gems are his original compositions like “Fly Away”, the lament of a father seeing his daughters leave the nest, “Equal Opportunity” with slide guitar leading the advocacy of women’s honor and the timeless story of man and woman on “Why You Wanna Make War” in English and French versions. More than ever Popa is alive and well.

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Popa Chubby

Emotional Gangster

Release date: 18 March 2022
Label: Dixiefrog Records

Twelve new tracks featuring The Chubbfatha on many instruments and doing all the mixing and recording duties. “This record definitely reflects happier times and good solid dose of classic blues!”, says Popa from his studio full of guitars in the Hudson Valley. “I specifically included covers like Hoochie Coochie Man and Dust My Broom to show respect for the Fathers. Willie Dixon has always been my idol, you know.”

But the real gems here come in Popa’s original compositions. “Equal Opportunity” is a light hearted sing along that celebrates the feminine at a time when it is seriously needed. And songs like “Fly Away” and both versions French and English of “Why You Wanna Make War?” Are big standouts! There is more than an ample amount of pure guitar bliss on this record and slide guitar on tracks like “Tonight I’m Gonna Be the Man” add flavor to a savory mix!

For an added bonus, Harmonica Wizard Jason Ricci joins Popa on the Blues Rock anthem “New Way of Walking” and the swing shuffle “Save the Best for Last”.

Popa Chubby – Emotional Gangster

1. Tonight I’m Gonna Be the Man 4:36
2. New Way of Walking 5:16
3. Equal Opportunity 4:20
4. Hoochie Cootchie Man 5:16
5. Save the Best for Last 3:29
6. Why You Wanna Make War (English version) 3:27
7. Dust My Broom 3:19
8. I’m the Dog 3:14
9. Doing OK 4:35
10. Fly Away 5:58
11. Why You Wanna Make War (French version) 3:29
12. Master Ip (CD Only Bonus Track) 6:18

All songs T. Horowitz, Dutch Daddy Music ASCAP
Except Track 4: Willie Dixon/Hoochie Coochie Music;
Track 7: Elmore James

Total Program Time 47:29

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Popa Chubby at Chubbyland New York!

Jason Ricci plays Harmonica on tracks 2 and 5

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