Foto Release: Matty T Wal - Live down underground
Matty T Wal – Live down underground
Release date: 20 Mei 2022

From sweet blues to gritty, stomping, blues-rocking beats, and now having seven nominations in the Independent Blues Awards, a Western Australian Music Award win and three back-to-back Number One Australian Blues albums, this is a breakout Australian blues artist you do not want to miss out on seeing. The Matty T Wall band returns to the stage more motivated and addictively electric than ever with two
killer rhythm legends of the scene, Ric Whittle on drums and Leigh Miller on bass guitar.

While the music that Matty plays has roots in the past, he is a very much an artist in the present. Through his reverence for
historic musical forms, he is not emulating, but redefining these sounds, as he introduces classic genres to new listeners and invests them with his own trademark

“I’ve been aware of Matty for a while now and have been a big fan”
-Walter Trout

“I’ve watched as he’s gained in stature to become a major league blues-rocker”
-Dave Hole

“I’m, sure everyone will love this. The guy is a picker”
-Eric Gales

Matty T Wall - LIVE - Broken Heart Tattoo @The Duke

1. “Broken Heart Tattoo” (M.Wall)
2. “Slideride” (M.Wall)
3. “Burnin Up Burnin Down” (M.Wall)
4. “Walk Out The Door” (M.Wall)
5. “Scorcher” (M.Wall/J.Miller)
6. “This Is Real” (M.Wall)
7. “Voodoo Chile” (J.Hendrix)
8. “Sophia’s Strut” (M.Wall)
9. “Smile” (M.Wall)


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