Kirris Riviere and The Delta du Bruit

Kirris Riviere and The Delta du Bruit announce the release of their long-awaited debut album on November 10th 2023

New blues band from Bristol to release their debut album in November in what is also a debut release from local indie label Dusk Art Studios.

Following the release of two singles on July 21st and September 15th, Kirris Riviere and The Delta du Bruit will be releasing their self-titled debut album on November 10th, along with a 3rd single on that date.

Emerging from the depths of Easton in Bristol, UK, a family of musical mavericks has risen, armed with a new purpose: to release a work that will captivate you. Within the walls of Dusk Art Studios, amidst the chaos and creative fervour of post pandemic Britain, they have carved a vinyl record like nothing they could previously have imagined.

Rejecting the clinical confines of modern software-based production, they tracked the live rhythm section in a studio whose tatters resemble more the millenium falcon of 1970s Starwars than a neat modern mastering boutique. In a mission to capture the life of a genuine take, over months of rehearsals and two relentless studio sessions of 4days, they worked collaboratively to give breath to their creative communication.

The live tracking was then followed as layer upon layer, they weaved a rich tapestry of sound, seamlessly blending the impassioned vocals of Kirris Riviere, backing harmonies, spooky and innovative percussion and the intoxicating stylings of a myriad of guest musicians.
It is through this painstaking process that the ensemble underwent a transformative rebirth, adopting an ironically Francophile name that pays homage to their lead vocalist’s heritage and offers tribute to the cradle of the blues: New Orleans.

Fuelled by a hunger for authenticity, they drew inspiration from parallel sources. The Severn Delta and the enigmatic Bristol hum are at the core of the name’s meaning. In association with the lyrical french phrase “Ca fait du bruit”, they tread a sonic balance between cacophony and uproar.

Their sound, a potent elixir of groove and rawness, defies easy categorization. They traverse the vast landscape of blues, atmospherically fusing country blues, soul, funk, boogie, gospel, and jump blues. Eight original compositions, birthed from the creative fervour of Evan Newman and co., and the soul-stirring voice of Kirris Riviere, bear witness to their artistic ambitions. But they also pay homage to the legends that paved the way, breathing new life into timeless classics from the likes of Muddy Waters, Percy Mayfield, Willie Dixon, and Billy Ward.

Yet, they promise more. Seeking out their most esteemed friends in the UK blues circuit to join the fray; Enter Jon Amor, the searing guitar virtuoso from The Hoax. And Joe Wilkins, the brooding lead guitar maestro from the Elles Bailey band. Andrew Neil Hayes of Run Logan Run graces their tracks with adept contextual poise on saxophone, while Henry Slim of the Slimline Shufflers weaves a tonal spell with his unique and soulful approach to blues harp.

This is a blues album, born from their ambitious and authentic musical aspirations, but is more than a set of songs. It’s a testament to the unbreakable juju of the blues, born from a world in turmoil. The Delta du bruit is about to take you on an atmospheric ride that’ll echo in your bones long after the last note fades.

Foto Release: Kirris Riviere And The Delta Du Bruit - Kirris Riviere And The Delta Du Bruit

The Album was recorded in Dusk Art Studios in Easton, and Mastered by Simon Heyworth of Superaudio Mastering.

The album will be available on vinyl and CD online via the band or their label, Dusk Art Studios, and on MP3 stream/download from all digital streaming sites. Signed products will also be available at a series of 5 gigs in the South West UK, to be announced through the band’s webpage and socials in October, as will be the case with respect to their touring further afield in 2024.

The release of the debut track Left Me in the Cold (Railroad Tracks) in July, also included a lo fi 10 part mini docu-series on youtube about the writing process called “ the making of… Railroad Tracks“. (below)

The release of the second single, “The Delta du Bruit”, is due on September 15th. This will also be announced with a cluster of Southwest Uk gigs, including one at MrWolfs in Bristol on Fri15th (others tbc via socials)

singles1+2 (stream/download):

“Making of…” Video series:

Playlist: The Making of Left Me in the Cold (Rairoad Tracks)
Bekijk deze playlist op YouTube

1st single video

Left Me in the Cold (Railroad Tracks) by Kirris Riviere and The Delta du Bruit. Official Video

Foto Release: Kirris Riviere And The Delta Du Bruit - Kirris Riviere And The Delta Du Bruit


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