Foto Release: Jeremie Albino - Tears you hide (new album)

Tears You Hide is Jeremie Albino sophomore album, to be released on June 9th. It’s the follow up to his 2019 debut, Hard Time, and was recorded live off the floor.

The past few years have been non-stop for Albino, with Past Dawn following Blue Blue Blue, his 2021 release with Cat Clyde. After 2019’s Hard Time, that makes three records in three years. He’s moved to the city, leaving behind the farm in Prince Edward County where he lived and worked for over a decade. With a sophomore album and multiple tours in the works, he’s solidified himself as a touring musician who knows how to honour the histories of folk and country while staying firmly in the present.

Watch the first single titled “You I’m Waiting On.

Jeremie Albino - You I'm Waiting On (Official Audio)

Jeremie about this single: “This one is about the tension that builds up between two people that know they like each other but they’re still waiting on the other to make the first move. Leaving the door open hoping one day they’ll walk through it and mustering the courage to finally take that first step yourself.”

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